Menu Monday!

This month is moving right along. I'm working to stay on top of my game in regards to Christmas planning so my weekend was all about Christmas prep. We survived on leftovers, fresh fruit, salads and wraps. So tonight I'm making chili for dinner. It was on last weeks menu and is being bumped over to tonight. I'll make some corn muffins and a salad with this.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

I have one in the freezer so that will make an easy meal. I'll serve mashed potatoes and a veggie or salad, or both on the side.

Chicken Tacos
There easy to do in the Instant Pot. I cook the chicken, shred and add salsa and sometimes cream cheese. Then assemble the tacos just as you would regular ground beef tacos. I plan to serve black beans and a salad with this meal.

Pork Roast
Sometimes simple is the answer and this week I'm all about no fuss and simple. A pork roast cooked in the IP with spices will be simple. I'm thinking pasta (of some sort) and a salad will be the sides.

That should do it for the week!


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