Menu Monday!

We had a wonderfully nice hot weekend, but then I love the heat! :) It was hard to think about cooking and food when it was hot, but I managed to come up with a few meals for the week.

Tonight I'm making pulled pork sandwiches. I'll use one of my pork roasts that I have from the big roast I bought last week. I'll serve it with coleslaw and use up some cabbage I have for this. I may also make a bean side dish. Both the pulled pork and the beans will be cooked in my Instant Pot. A fruit salad on the side sounds like a nice summer meal.

Here what's on my menu for the rest of the week..

I'm thinking of putting my little toaster oven on the deck to cook my meatloaf in. It will keep my kitchen cooler. I'll cook up a few sweet potatoes (in my Instant Pot) and serve garlic bread and a salad on the side.

Summer Pasta
Can't remember where I first saw this recipe but I like it because it's easy and quick. I don't have an official recipe as I just kind of toss it all together shortly before dinner time.

I bring a large pot of water or chicken broth (or a combo of both) to a boil. I add to the boiling water pasta of my choice, cut up pieces of raw chicken, and veggies. I usually use what I have on had such as onion, peppers, zucchini, cut up carrots, kale, broccoli, etc. I add spices such as salt, pepper, seasoning salt, garlic, Italian seasonings, etc. I cook it until the pasta and chicken are done. Pour into a strainer to drain, and serve. Goes great with french bread and a salad.

I have a whole chicken that I'm also going to cook up this week and debone. I'll freeze the meat in meal size portions. I'm looking at a couple different recipes to use this with. If I need another meal then I'll pick one of these..

That should do it for us for the week.


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