The Big Wind Storm

What a crazy couple of days. On Tuesday we woke up to rain and by the afternoon the wind was picking up. Then the wind really started blowing. It seemed to just get worse. Windy days this time of the year are normal but this was above normal.

At around 3:pm we lost power. At around 5:pm it came back on for a few minutes. We heard a big boom and the power was out again. We assumed it must have been a transformer. Around 7:pm the power came back on. But we started noticing the electricity doing weird things, the lights would get super bright and then dim really low. The fan on our wood stove would speed up and then almost stop. We called the power company but they were so busy they just told us they'd let someone know.

Around the same time we heard another big (kaboom) noise, we weren't sure what it was and it was dark out so we could not see anything.

By the next morning Tobin saw the reason for our strange power issue.. a tree had fallen and we had a line down. He was able to get a hold of the power company and talk to them and they told us to turn our power off at the breaker. They said it was neutral line and what we were experiencing was a 'brown out'. So we shut everything off and waited for them.

They finally arrived at 7:pm, about 28 hours after it all began and hooked up our line and we had full power again. On the downside, due to the brown out, we lost 2 microwaves and a printer.

We discovered, in the morning, what the big kaboom noise we had heard the night before. A huge walnut tree that we had down by our garden had literally been blown down, pulled out of the ground, by the windstorm. We lost a few trees but this was by far the biggest one.

Trying to see all things from a positive light we both just said, well.. now the garden will have more sunshine, our view is opened up and we have next years firewood!! :)

Here are a few pics of the downed tree....

Better for this storm to come in this week than next week when I'll have a house full of people for the holiday!!



  1. Glad you & your family were safe Crystal, we experienced a slight windstorm here on Vancouver Island, BC but nothing like our Washington neighbors.

    Blessings, Ruth

  2. I'm sorry for the damage, but your property is beautiful! I follow your blog from DC and I'm so jealous of your beautiful country views!


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