Menu Monday!!


Last weeks menu worked well. I did add another pizza night. I have another planned next week. My son's girlfriend wants to learn how to make pizza so we have an evening planned to do just that. I guess I'm on a pizza roll at the moment. Tomorrow I'll be sharing how to make pizza as well.

I made the roasted chicken legs, mentioned last week, on Sunday. We are having leftovers tonight. I made buttered pasta and salad to go with this.

The rest of the week looks like this:

Pork Chops
Last week when I was shopping I found pork chops on sale. I grabbed a big package (6+ lbs) and divided it half for the freezer. I'm not sure how I'll cook them. Maybe in the crockpot with some bbq sauce. I'll serve rice and veggies/salad along side.

Cincinnati Chili w/trimmings
It's been some time since I made Cincinnati Chili. It's bacially a flavorful all meat chili that you serve over spaghetti noodles and top with chopped onions, tomatoes, grated cheese, beans (any type). I use a recipe that a friend sent me years ago. You can find it HERE.

And of course, Pizza (more on that tomorrow)

How is your meal planning coming along?



  1. Crystal, I've been out of the blog world for several months. I am so happy to be back and enjoying your menu plans. I always get great ideas from you.

    1. Thank you Monica!! Happy to have you back.. :)


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