Gardens, Green Beans & Grandkids!!

I've had a few busy but fun days. My green beans were ready to be picked and Hannah and the grandkids came and we picked beans.

The grandkids did more playing in the dirt than picking :). When children get dirt, water, shovels, buckets and a few pans.. you end up with this (ha, ha, ha)...

But we also got this...

Today I canned up about half of them (minus the ones we ate)....

Tomorrow Hannah will be here again to help me can up the rest of them. She'll take half of them home with her. I planted a large garden and she's helped me this summer with it and we are sharing the bounty.



  1. Love it. I too have my Grandchildren help in my Garden but it is no where near as large as yours is. I just wanted to tell you how much I do enjoy your Blog Crystal. Thank you for sharing you have such a Beautiful family. God Bless you and your family.

    Lisa in PA


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