Garden Update

My garden is doing very well. The weeds keep threatening to overtake and lately I think they are winning!! But such is life with a garden.

I wanted to give a little update on my Royal Burgandy bush beans. They were fun to plant and grow. They tasted amazing! I picked the first batch right before my daughter Leanne came home and cooked them up for her home coming dinner. Oh yum!! Here is what the looked liked before cooking...

And after cooking (yep, they turn green when they are cooked) the beans are on the right (this was the meal I made for Leanne when she came home it was cooked sausages & chicken, mac & cheese and the green beans) ...

I cooked them in a some water with a bit of salt and dried onions. When they were done cooking I drained them, added a few strips of cooked and crumbled bacon and a little bit of butter, salted to taste. I honestly have never seen green beans eaten up so quickly by my family! I'll definitely be planting them next year.

I mentioned in a previous blog post about the rest of my green beans. Hannah and I canned 28 quarts and I sent her home with lots of fresh green beans and we had enough for a couple more meals after that (cooked as above, it is now a family favorite).

As of now, I'm moving onto tomatoes. I picked these a couple evenings ago...

That is a little over 60 pounds! Hannah and I have been making salsa with these this week.. lots of salsa!!

How is your garden doing? Or is it done? Do you plant a fall garden?


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