Delish Spring Salad

I love salads. I make them almost daily. I think fresh veggies are great source of vitamins and nutrition so I try more nights than not to serve a fresh salad with our meals. But they are often the same ol', same ol'...

My daughter Sierra came home the other day with some fresh strawberries and the idea for a super delish spring salad.

I had some mixed spring greens that I had bought (in a bag).. and we added chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes and then sliced strawberries over the top... oh my!! What a treat.

She made a quick red wine vinaigrette. I don't have and exact recipe but basically she used a 2 to 1 ration of olive oil and red wine vinegar (twice as much olive oil as red wine vinegar). She added chopped up fresh garlic and a little salt and pepper.

The tangy taste of the salad dressing mixed with the sweet taste of the strawberries was divine!!

If you're looking for a little change of pace with your salad.. try this! It was so good!



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