Updates from the Homestead... and a few empty nest thoughts...

After a great Christmas holiday... I came down with a cold. I'm still dealing with the congestion and sinus yuckiness... Not the best way to start a new year! But such is life. I'm still moving forward and making progress.

Currently I'm looking at a very different life for a few months. My daughters Leanne and Sierra are house sitting in the city for a friend who will be gone for an extended amount of time. Over the weekend, it was quiet, it was different.

I've never had a problem with the thoughts of being an empty nest. This is probably the closest I've been. My son Jacob lives at home, but works full time. For most of the week its going to be just me and Isaac (and hubby of course, but he also is working full time). It looks and feels different.

I happen to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I love my children, I adore them. I have no problem with them living at home as they work to get their own lives started. But at the same time, I'm enjoying the quiet time. I'm enjoying a less busy household. It's giving me a little peek into the future. And I have to admit, that I like the look.

This may be difficult for some to understand. Maybe it's because I've had 8 children. I've been a mother now for 32 years. That, to me, is a long time. After enough years you begin to wonder a few things. What will life look like without children? Who was I before I had children? Who am I now? Surely not only a mother? That was and still is a HUGE part of who I am, but there is more to me, I'm sure of that. What are some of my desires and interests in life that I'd like to pursue now?

Also after 32 years of raising children, cooking, cleaning, educating, caring... I'm tired. It is a lot of hard work. It was and is most certainly a labor of love and I would not change anything... I have incredible memories, beautiful children, grandchildren and a very blessed life and would not want it to be any different. But the reality is, I'm tired. I'm ready for a change of pace, a change in the direction of some things in my life.

Mostly the change I'd like to see.. less cooking, less cleaning, less educating, less laundry.. Ha, ha.. but I have seen that as the children, one by one, have left the nest.

I know my daughter Sierra will most likely be back at the end of the house sitting job. Leanne is currently dealing with necessary paperwork to go back to S. Korea to teach. But in the meantime... it is giving me more time to contemplate the whole empty nest life and what that will be like for my hubby and I.

It is a change of season for me, and my husband. I've been a mama and raising kids since I was 18. I think a little adjustment time is natural! :) … I'm actually looking forward to what God has in store for us!!

Lastly.. a recent family photo of Hannah, her husband, and babies... they are growing so fast it is amazing.. she is a wonderful mama, and I'm just in love with them all (as to be expected... I'm the mama and grandma! :) …  but in the light of being an empty nest, I think about all the memories and years of raising my babies..  and then to see them... living amazing lives..  just warms my heart and blesses me... 

That is all from the homestead!!!

If you are an empty nest... I'd love to hear from you.. how have you adjusted? What has been the most difficult for you? What has God shown you through it all? There is not much out there on the internet about empty nest... I'd love to hear from those who are now dealing with the same issues.. or will soon be dealing with them..



  1. I only have one out of the nest and two to go. But it has been harder than I orginally expected. I was so looking forward to it. Being able to do what I want when I want... you know what I'm saying. I discovered here a few weeks ago that I was just steeling myself for what is to come. The QUIET. I don't know if I'm really ready for that or not. :)

    1. Joyful, the one thing I remember so well.. when my first born left home... It was THE hardest thing I had experienced... The others were difficult, but nothing like the first one.. I think, for me, it was a sudden realization that one day this will come to an end (being a mama to a house full of children)... it was sobering, it was difficult and I cried for days... change is often times difficult.. but it did get better... I think it is hard to move from season to season in life.. but then... God has plans and blessings for us all in all seasons!! Crystal

  2. You are a wonderful mom and have a beautiful family. You've done a great job...along with Tobin, of course.

    I only have two kiddos but I am in about the same position you are. My oldest is in the AF stationed in Japan, married and has a son (miss those three terribly). My youngest is in college for about another 18 months. He goes to school daily, works out at the gym, and works too. We don't see him very often either. We are winding down for retirement within the next 4 years. It's really quiet around here in the daytime and it's been a bit of a challenge cooking for two but my feelings on the subject are much like yours. I miss the days gone by but looking forward to more time with hubby too.

    Enjoy this time and every time in your life.
    Ps....we are in WA state (Seattle)too until retirement which will be in eastern WA (close to Idaho)

    1. Tracy... thank you so much for your words of encouragement.. it is a challenge time in life!! It does make you feel the need even more so, to cherish and enjoy every day!! Crystal

  3. I was never blessed with children, but I'm coming to a time in my life where I am going to be retiring from my job. I have worked for over 40 years. This will be so different staying home and not having to be somewhere at a certain time or answering to someone's needs or demands. I'm not sure how to handle this. I guess it is something like an empty nest. It will be the first time my husband and I are alone (except for a few vacation weeks) since we have been married. Like you, I am looking forward to it, but it will be a big change.

    1. Yes Kathy that sounds very much like an empty nest... And yes.. it is exciting to think about for sure.. but will be a change, that will take time to adjust to.. Crystal

  4. Hi Crystal,
    I'm a kind-of-empty-nester. We have three kids in college and were in their dorms/apartments during the semester. It was nice and quiet at home with very little laundry, very little food to make, and very little cleaning. They all came home for Christmas and I life really became very busy. I feel like all I did was cook and they ate me out of house and home. Don't get me wrong...I love my kids but I got used to only me and my husband. Two kids went back to school today and the oldest headed to Mexico for January. She will live at home for her final college semester in February. She will be student teaching this final semester, then graduate college. I'm sure all the kids will be home this summer and then next year the oldest might get a job but stay home to save some money for wherever she might end up in the future. So my kind of empty-nest will be this back and forth thing for the next three years. I sure like the quiet for now!

    1. Alice, that has been my experience as well... the kids take their steps out there, come back, head out again, come back.. ;) .. and I could quickly see how the quiet and peace would be something easy to get use to. I appreciate your comments and hearing about your family... We will both enjoy the quiet while we have it!! :D .. Crystal

  5. Hi Crystal,
    Really loved this post. Jon and I have been empty nester for a couple of years now and we just LOVE it!! We love the quiet and simple times it gives us. We can go when we want...of course, we have to get someone to look after our dogs...we are down to two now. You know we had 4 at one time and now the two we have are older. Jon will be able to retire in 3 years when he's 55. He may not be ready to then but we will see when that time comes. We are ready to make some changes also. We would love to downsize our home and get a small home.....around 1000 sq. feet. We have lived in our home for almost 30 years ,so I'm ready for something different. It's so fun to think about changes and such. I know you and Tobin are looking forward to the future and what it brings.
    I love ya my dear friend,

    1. How great to hear from you Cathy!! Love hearing your future plans!! Much love friend, Crystal


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