Homemaking Challenge for November – Update

I've met most of my goals.. but the months not over yet!! The windows are still on my to-do list.

The kitchen has been given a good cleaning.. wiped down, cleaned up, etc.. preparing for our holiday baking and cooking which is coming up soon!

I wanted to get my “baking cupboard” cleaned out. It was messy, over crowded and a few items that needed to be tossed. Here was the before pic...

The first step was to clear everything out and go through it all. Then wipe down the shelves...

Then it was time to put it back....

Aww.. looks much better, easier to use and I even have that top shelf area for storage if needed.

Now I feel ready to do some baking. I've gone through my spices and other ingredients to make sure we are ready to tackle the pumpkin pies and other goodies.

My family will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the 23rd of November. Last year we celebrated a few days late so that my daughter Leanne could be home from S. Korea to join us. What I really enjoyed is that this gave my other children the opportunity to celebrate the actual holiday with their in laws or girlfriend/boyfriend's family. No issues on where to spend the holiday, and no one has to have their dinner with family missing. This year we are doing it ahead of the holiday and I plan on decorating for Christmas and getting the tree up on the actual holiday.

In any case.. there is always so much to be thankful for and I love this time of year as a reminder of the things in life that matter. For me, my family, children, love, grace, kindness, and togetherness. God is good all the time!!



  1. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Crystal. I need to organize my baking center, too. You've inspired me. :-) I've been busy with grands lately and my deeper cleaning has fallen behind.

    1. Thank you!! And time with the grands is the best reason to let deep cleaning fall behind! ;) <3


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