Updated Pics of Baby & Family

It’s been a busy week for sure around here!!  After Hannah had her little guy I took care of her girls while she spent a few days recovering.   Her and hubby came and picked them up and Sierra took some pictures of them all.  I just wanted to share them..  they are so sweet  (at least from this grandma’s point of view ;)  )

 The sisters and new baby brother

Little Will

(my favorite)

Family pics...

I thank for God His incredible blessings!! 



  1. What a precious family! Aren't grandchildren just the best? : ) Angela

  2. Beautiful! They look like proud big sisters.

  3. So sweet, just love all the dark hair. Big sisters look very proud of their little brother, beautiful family.

  4. What a beautiful family. You are blessed indeed!

  5. Beautiful photos Crystal--that third one is incredible!
    PS: Grandkids are such a blessing!

  6. How sweet! Makes me kind of anxious for grandchildren. Praying the Lord will send a man after God's heart! for our oldest. You are truely blessed!


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