Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

I’ve made these a couple times now and my family loves them! They go great with a salad, some tortilla chips and salsa. They go together even quicker if you have already cooked rice in the freezer. I make a point to have rice in the freezer at all times. Cooked chicken in the freezer would be another plus! If you have pre cooked chicken in your freezer you can sub 2 cups of chopped chicken for the “1lb boneless, skinless chicken” in the recipe.

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas
10 flour tortillas
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken, cooked, chopped
2 ½ cups cooked brown rice
3 cups grated cheese (cheddar, Monterey jack or a mix), divided
3T butter
3T flour
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup sour cream
1 can (4oz) chopped green chilies

In a large bowl combine chicken, brown rice, and 2 cups cheese for tortilla filling. Set aside. In a sauce pan melt butter over medium heat. Add flour and bring to a boil and cook for about a minute. Add chicken broth. Bring to a boil and cook until thickened (a couple minutes). Remove from heat and let cool.

Lay tortillas on a plate and put about ½ cup of the chicken/rice/cheese mixture in the center. Roll up and lay them in a 9x13 pan (that has been greased.. I use coconut oil to grease pan). 

To the chicken gravy mixture stir in sour cream and chopped green chilies. Pour over tortillas in pan. Make sure the sauce gets in between the tortillas as well. Sprinkle the last 1 cup of cheese over the top.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 350. Serve with tortilla chips, salsa and a salad and enjoy!!


I buy my tortillas at Costco. Ultimately whole wheat tortillas would be a better choice. I use to buy them many years ago from Azure Standard. They were fairly pricey, and when the price doubled it was just simply too expensive for our budget. I looked at whole wheat tortillas in the grocery store and the ingredient list was horrible. I’ve come to a compromise that we can use on occasion. They are fresh tortillas that I cook myself. They have 5 ingredients and I can live with this.

Here is the recipe in pics...

Begin by mixing up the chicken, rice and cheese in a bowl and set aside…

Make the sauce…

Cook the butter and flour together..

Add chicken broth and cook until thick and bubbly (and set aside to cool for a few minutes)...

Then while the sauce cools (before adding the sour cream) you can fill the tortillas. I use about a ½ cup of filling for each tortillas…

Roll them up and put in a 9x13 pan that has been greased. You can use non stick spray or oil. Lately I’ve been using coconut oil for greasing pans and been happy with the results.

Add the sour cream and green chilies to the sauce and pour over tortillas and top with remaining cheese..

Bake, serve & enjoy!!!



  1. These sound fabulous!

  2. What things do you still buy from Azure Standard? I just started buying from them. Some things have great prices and others (like tortillas) are way too expensive. Do you have a tortilla recipe?

    1. Hi Mama G, Here is a list of things that I do buy from Azure:
      Beans, brown rice, spices, wheat, oats, sea salt, some produce, grocery items like organic cream soups, frozen berries, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, pasta, molasses, baking powder, dried fruits.. I also buy feed & minerals for my goats from them. I’m sure there are more but those are things I purchase on a regular basis.

      I do have a recipe for homemade tortillas, and have made them.. it is just not always convenient for me to do so nowadays.. here is my recipe:

  3. Mmm, I want to make these! I'm going to look for those. We buy our whole wheat tortillas at Costco - they're about 4.50 for a big package in the bread aisle. I usually freeze a few packages when I buy them. I noticed that Costco sometimes switches their merch. around so it can vary by store. Do you get the sour cream at Costco too??

    1. Yes, I get the sour cream from Costco as well. And I have seen the tortillas you mention. If memory serves they have hydrogenated oils in them.. something I try and avoid.. :) .. I wish it was not so difficult or costly to find good quality flour tortillas! :) Crystal :)

    2. Oooh, good to know, I'll check the label!! Thanks! Do you ever use canola oil? Or just coconut or olive? I started using coconut when I cook, but I still use canola sometimes in my bread baking. Thanks for the tip - ps like the anniversary photos!!

    3. No, I don't use canola oil. The only oils/fats I use are coconut oil, olive oil and butter... I'm using coconut oil more and more lately in my baking and cooking and finding I really like it.

  4. Could you freeze these? If so, what stage would be best?

    1. I have not frozen these before, if I did I would freeze them without the sauce on.. Sour cream can separate after being frozen, so it may be best to make the sauce and then bake them on the day you serve them. Crystal :)

  5. I pinned this one! I'd make it today if I had the ingredients on hand. We're having one of those eat from the pantry/freezer weeks. ~smile~

    Did I ever tell you that your blog inspired me to begin my own? We also make your whole wheat bread often. Thanks so much for the positive influence you've been on my life.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


    1. Aww, thank you Laura.. Yes, I have been to your blog... just went and took another peek!! Looks great and it's always enjoyable to read.. :) Crystal :)

  6. I just told my husband tonight that I am going to be making these on Saturday and I have most these ingredients around the house all the time, I also told him I have been following your Blog since 2008,being a full time working,step mom I have learned a lot from you, how to bake bread,canning,recipes etc.. So thankful that I found you and I visit your Blog every few days still...Thanks Shannon !!!

  7. I made your cream cheese chicken enchiladas tonight and my whole family loved them, especially my teen sons! I'll definitely make them again, thank you!

    1. Thank you for the review Rashel!! Glad your family enjoyed it!!


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