Basement Storage Area Organization Project!

This last weekend I did my basement storage area organizing project. Every year I go through things and clean up, downsize and organize it. And as the year progresses it gets messy and more things get added to the pile and by January it is time once again to clean up and see what can be tossed or given away.

So… here is what my storage area looked like before I got started…

I knew I would need a place to sort things as I went through it all. I have a room next to the storage area.. we use to call it the music room when I had more kids at home that played musical instruments.. nowadays the room is more of a hang out room for the younger kids..

I started by grabbing the bags of out grown clothing and piling them up in the room …

Then I started opening each tote. I have the tote’s labeled so I know what is in them but it always amazes me each year how much stuff I can get rid of or throw away. I was able to get rid of things and ended up clearing out 4 totes….

Then I attacked the table next to the totes and found things that could be reduced and gotten rid of. When I was done it looked so much better!!
I have already sorted through the clothing finding what could be given away and what needs to be tossed.  Now I need to move on to cleaning out the kid’s closets .. and that thought makes me shudder.. LOL.. but I am determined!!


  1. Nice job! I love organization, I've got some to do in the basement as well.

  2. It always gives me a great sense of accomplishment to see the completed job. I am working on tax stuff through the month of January. It usually takes me the last couple weeks to get it all together. With my Grandmother moving in this next spring we will be more limited on space so we are going to have to tackle this area soon too.

  3. Wow! I feel lots better for you! That pile looked too much like one of my own!
    When we designed and built our house we had only 3 children. Now, 3 children more, our basement and every corner is utilized as living space-those clothes totes are stored under my bed! But it keeps me from keeping to much stuff!

  4. Wow! You're surely a highly-organized person, and it reflects on your storage area. Some people have a hard time letting go of their old stuff, well, maybe because of the sentiments of it. But it's nice to get rid other things and share them to those who need them most. Anyway, good luck on cleaning your kid's closet!


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