Thanksgiving Planning

Thanksgiving is about 2 weeks away now!  I have the menu written out and as posted previously my girls and I will jointly be cooking and doing dinner this year.   I wrote out a check list for things I need to get done so I don’t forget the little details.  We are having our dinner at my daughter Hannah’s house so I will need to do some transporting of dishes, crockpots, and other items that she does not have.  She is very excited to be hosting the dinner at her home this year. 

This coming weekend my Thanksgiving to-do list looks like this:

Make cranberry sauce and freeze
Make dinner rolls and freeze
Pull out the fancy cloth napkins and get them ironed
Pull out the fall table linens and get them ironed
Be on the lookout for Turkey sales!   

I know I have posted a link to this previously both here and in my newsletter but I thought I would post it again to help anyone who may need it:

Make a Thankful Tree 

I love this project  ~smile~ .. 


  1. I'm getting so excited. I don't host Thanksgiving but I am always asked to bring my sweet potato souffle... I love getting together with family and playing games and being thankful for all we have!

  2. I LOVE your idea of a thankful tree!

  3. I need to get busy as you've reminded me it's only 2 weeks away... REALLY?! I need to get it all in order. This is a lovely time of year.

    Thank you


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