Happy Birthday Lolot and Leanne!!!


Two birthdays in one weeks time!!

My so very sweet daughter in law, Doneza (nickname is Lolot) celebrated her birthday last Tuesday. The family got together at my son’s house to celebrate. It was a lot of fun.. Lolot has made some huge changes in her life. She left family and friends and all that she knew and was familiar with in the Philippines to come to this country and marry my son. She has done a great job adjusting to life here. I know she misses her family but she has blended in with our family so well that I pray this helps some of the homesickness she feels. She and my son, Richard, are planning a trip back to the Philippines soon so they can visit her family. For now, she is working full time and loves her job and the fact that she is helping my son get through his last two years of college.

And.. Today is my daughter Leanne’s birthday! Where do all the years go? Leanne is my fifth child (4th daughter) and is turning 20 today. I always like to think back and reflect on the day my kids were born on their birthdays… Leanne’s birth was by far my fastest birth. I woke up at 6:am to the first contraction and she was born at 8:30am.. Midwife made it to my house 6 minutes before she was born!

She has been the sweetest daughter. She has always been loving and kind.. She is trustworthy, loves the Lord, and has a heart for helping people. I am so proud of my daughter!! As of right now she is 12 credits away from earning her bachelor’s degree in English. She is currently taking the last 4 classes so she should have her degree by the end of this year. She is itching to get on with life! She would like to do some teaching and eventually when she marries she wants to work with her local homeschooling community as a tutor. Aside from these plans, her biggest passion in life is ballroom dancing. She has been taking lessons for a couple of years now and is super good at it. Someday she would also like to be a dance instructor, just for the fun of it. For now she enjoys her lessons and dance parties and time with lots of good friends she has met in the process.

Leanne Dancing…

Leanne has an adventurous side.. This is her bungee jumping… (I could handle this.. she says she wants to sky dive.. that one I can NOT handle.. LOL.. )

4th of July (with Jacob and my grandson Caden)

Leanne with her sister Emily and friend Rona when she was in Copenhagen visiting Emily

Happy birthday to two beautiful wonderful women!! So thankful to have you both in my life!! 


  1. Beautiful young ladies! You have much to be proud about! She seems to be very "level" and talented!

  2. Happy Birthday to both young ladies !

    Thank you for sharing a little about your life with them.


  3. Happy Birthday to 2 of the most beautiful ladies

    love how adventures Leanne is - does she get that from Superman2

  4. Ha, ha Cathie!!! yes I do believe she does get this from Superman2 .. because it is certainly not from me!! LOL!

  5. Crystal,
    Loved reading about your birthday girls. They are both such beautiful girls.

    Love when you post pictures Crystal.

    Love ya friend,


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