Emily’s Homecoming..

Well Emily was up for 30+ hours and slept for 10 hours and got up this morning and we had coffee. After that she was ready to roll.. gotta love that girl! LOL… So I got a hold of the rest of the sisters and we had a meet up at our favorite Starbucks. It was so much fun! The grand kids were there too.. Lots of good memories made..

My Girls..

Me and my girls (and a couple grandkids! :)..

Me and Rylee.. she is almost 5 months old now!! Time flies!


  1. What fun! So glad she is back home! I don't know how I would be able to handle it if my daughter went that far away for so long...guess only with the Lord's help! right?! Have fun and enjoy!

  2. Monica, it was very hard to have her gone for so long.. The Lord did help!! :) and I was very thankful for Skype! We talked regularly and that was nice.

  3. Beautiful family photos!! It is always nice when our children return home:)


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