Monday on the Homestead

Monday’s can be a rough day generally.. but for the most part I LOVE Monday’s!  I love getting back into the groove of life again.  Gearing up for a new week has always been exciting.. maybe it is me and my weird sense of things or maybe it is just my attitude..  I will admit that Monday is my hubby’s first day of his weekend so it is something to look forward to, but mostly for me Monday means the start of a new school week with my kids, a new week to tackle the house keeping and keep the wheels at home turning as smoothly as possible and the ability to plot and plan what type of things to accomplish above and beyond keeping the kids educated and the house clean.  

Today my plan is to get my children up in a bit and with their help we will tackle Monday’s Cleaning List (I print out my daily chore lists each Monday so that as we do the chores we can cross them off the list).  When we all work together we get it done pretty quickly.   I already know what is for dinner and it is an easy meal to make.  My daughter Sierra is working on a sewing project for a friend so I plan on helping her get that finished up.   Then it will be dinner and a relaxing evening with my hubby and children.  

 A few weeks ago I decided my bedroom needed a change.  The first thing I did was give the room a thorough cleaning.  I washed walls, dusted, cleaned out closets, vacuumed the dust in corners and edges and so on.  Then it was time to move onto the bedding..  thirteen years ago my hubby repainted the room, put in wall to wall carpet and I purchased a comforter and new curtains for the windows.  Well all these years later the paint job, honestly, looks fine still.  I will admit I am tired of white walls and want to repaint.  But life is just too busy right now to start that project.  I am hoping maybe early fall I can repaint.  One nice thing about white walls is that I can change other things in the room and it still coordinates!   So I purchased a new comforter and bed skirt with pillows and shams.  I searched and searched and searched the world wide web and a few department stores in town for everything I wanted to come together.. the colors I wanted, the price, the quality, etc..  I wanted something that was not too feminine (hubs would have a hard time with that one!  LOL).. and something not to masculine but something that was just right.  It had to be a reasonable priced too..  LOL..   Well, I finally found what I was looking for.  It is somewhat of a plaid/stripe design in the colors tan, cream, burgundy, and green.  Last week the UPS man delivered it and I am totally in love with it.  :)  The website I purchased it from is King Linen:  They had a great selection and I got free shipping in the deal and they were FAST.  After placing my order I had my comforter set in a week.  If I ever need comforters or bedding sets again I will check with them first.  I did not buy sheets there as I guess I am a bit of sheet snob..  the higher the thread count the better and they did not have it in that department.  But then again, I don’t need sheets right now and when I do I usually purchase them from Costco. Yesterday I completed the fresh new look in my room by purchasing new curtains from Walmart.  They really have a nice selection and very reasonable prices. I ended up with a dark tan color that nicely compliments my new bedding.   I am hoping that the new paint job will come along later this year, but I don’t mind waiting as it will give plenty of time to figure out what color I want the walls.  

Time for me to get rolling on my Monday..  hope you all have a great Monday on your homesteads! 


  1. How fun. I always think rearranging and getting a "new" look are refreshing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh and that cinnamon roll photo at the top looks amazing.

  3. thanks for the King Linen tip. Just purchased a set - really good deal.

  4. I am feeling the same about my bedroom. It must be spring! lol

  5. That sounds like a fun spring thing to do! Don't know if you have a Homegoods near you, but they sell wonderful sheet sets for cheap prices. Very high threadcount too - I got my kids some nice sets at Marhalls, but wound up getting much of my bedding at Homegoods! Thanks for the king linen link - they look very well priced!

  6. Do we get to see pictures?! I also second the Homegoods recommendation, if you have one nearby :)


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