Making it S-T-R-E-T-C-H …. (Part 2 :)

Day #2 

Today will make Chinese Beef and Broccoli w/ Noodles from our roast beef..

Chinese Beef and Broccoli w/Noodles
2T olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped (I bought mini peppers in a pkg that had various colors of peppers)
1 cup sliced celery
16oz of fresh broccoli (or a 16 oz pkg of frozen), cooked
and drained
3  cups diced cooked roast beef
2T rice vinegar
2T soy sauce
1T fish sauce (found in Asian grocery stores or Asian section of your grocery store, if you can’t locate it or don’t have it you can skip it.. it adds a nice flavor but is not mandatory)
1 cup  water
1t red pepper flakes (use less or omit depending on how spicy you like your food)
8 to 10oz spaghetti noodles (I use whole wheat noodles), cooked and drained. 

In a large frying pan heat olive oil.  Add onion, peppers and celery and cook until the veggies are soft.  When the veggies are cooked add the broccoli and roast beef, stir to combine and heat up.  Add the remaining ingredients except noodles.  Stir to combine well.   Now add cooked and drained noodles and heat it up till everything is nice and hot and ready to serve.  Taste and add more seasonings if needed.  Usually if you find it lacking you can simply add a bit more soy sauce.   Serve this meal with a large tossed green salad and enjoy!

Begin by cooking the broccoli.  I used 16 oz of fresh broccoli, but frozen will work too.. put it in a pot and cook it until it is tender and drain it…

While the broccoli is cooking chop up the veggies…

Heat up the olive oil in a large frying pan and cook the veggies until tender.  When they are done add the beef…

And the drained broccoli…

Now cook up the noodles.  I used 10 oz. of whole wheat spaghetti noodles.  While they were cooking I added the seasonings to my beef and broccoli mixture….

When the noodles are done cooking, drain them and add to the beef and broccoli mixture….

Stir to combine it all...

Taste and add more soy sauce if it needs it.  This is a spicy dish because of the red pepper.  If you are not a fan of hot and spicy you can omit the red pepper or add less than 1 teaspoon.  We like hot and spicy!  

When it is done..  serve with a large salad and enjoy!!

To be continued...  


  1. Looks wonderful! I made Beef Broccoli this week, too. I didn't add celery which I think is a good idea. I'm always looking for ways to add more veggies (and therefore less meat).

    Have you ever done a blog on your 10 top frugal recipes?

    I love your blog! :-)


  2. Thank you! When I saw your March meal plan, the first thing my eye was drawn to was beef w/ broccoli...MMMM that sounds SO good! Thank you for sharing how you made it, I can't wait to give it a try!

  3. This looks delicious! Now I know what were having for supper tonight. Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy


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