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Well it has been a while since I updated .. life has been sooo busy! I was helping my daughter Emily prepare and pack for her trip to Denmark. She will be an au pair for a super nice family for the next year.

She left yesterday morning. We headed out about 6:am and stopped at Starbucks for a final cup of coffee together. Sierra was with us too.. we got to the airport at 7:30 and stayed until she had gotten through security. She headed to Chicago and then from there flew on Scandinavian Airlines to Denmark. She had an 8 hour wait in Chicago and a very long flight after that. She called this morning to let us know she had arrived safe and sound with her new family. It was pretty emotional for me as her and I are very close and the thought of not seeing for a year was hard to handle.. but, I know this will be an awesome experience for her and am so excited for what she will encounter.

Before she left she took the last test of her last class for her degree.. so my sweet and awesome hardworking daughter got her BSBA in accounting in 2 ½ years and we could not be more proud of her. She is off on the adventure of a lifetime!

While all the preplanning and packing was going on I also was able to add to the accomplishments this year.. teaching my son Jacob to drive (that makes 2 kids taught this year)! He got his driver’s license a couple of weeks ago.. that makes 6 down and 2 to go! :) I get a break now for a year or so before my daughter Sierra is ready to get her permit.. whew!

Last Sunday we celebrated my oldest son’s 28th birthday. It was an exciting time because it was the first time in 5 years that he had been with us to celebrate his birthday. It was great being with all the family. His amazingly sweet wife planned a party for him at his favorite pizza place.. Izzy’s (you know it if you live in my area ;) .. it was a lot of fun and I took lots of pics.. here are a few..

Sierra and Leanne

Tobin, Jacob and Emily

This was the whole crew (plus Richards best friend Aaron and his wife Valya..  Aaron is the son of my very best friend Sarah.. Richard and Aaron have been friends for many years now...).. 

We kind of take over a restaurant nowadays.. LOL.. it was a lot of fun....

..That’s all from the homestead for now….


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I love family get togethers. I know you will miss your daughter. It is so hard to let them fly from the nest. Take care and God bless.

  2. I wish your daughter all the best with her new adventure in Denmark. I remember when my son and daughter flew the nest. It is hard. Your family looks lovely.

  3. I know it must have been very difficult to let your daughter go.It is hard enough knowing you will see them every few weeks or months, but a year must have been so difficult for a mama. Praying all goes well and that year goes by quickly for a mama's heart.

  4. Best wishes to Emily. I hope you can post pictures from Denmark. I would like to know what she thinks of their bicycle intensive culture.
    Please tell your oldest son happy birthday and thank you from me for his service to his country. He and his wife make a cute couple; I am glad he is back in the US and doing well.
    Lynne in MD

  5. Such fun! I know your mama's heart was blessed to all be together. Thank you, Lord! Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Georgene


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