November's Menu

I realize the month is well under way but I thought I would post my November menu. Sometimes it can be helpful for coming up with new meal ideas. Sometimes when I get in a menu planning slump I like to look at other menu plans and see if it sparks some creativity! Plus it just seems that this time of year gets very busy and having my meals all planned out takes a lot of stress out of my day. 

Those meals marked with (CP) mean they are crockpot meals. The highlighted meals are links to the recipes on my site. Currently I have my menu written out on my Nov. menu planning calendar and hanging on the fridge..  it makes it easy to see what's for dinner each day and what kind of preps I need to do for tomorrows dinner..  I post a new menu planning calendar on my website at the beginning of each month (I actually try and get it up a few days ahead of time).  You can find the menu planning calendars here: 

Nov Menu
1st- Pumpkin Chili, tortilla chips, salad
2nd – bakedchicken legs, mashed potatoes, salad
3rd – split pea soup, pepperoni bread, salad
4th – chicken enchiladas, chips & salsa, salad

5th – crockpot lasagna, homemade French bread, green beans
6th – beef & veggie soup,biscuits, salad
7th – meatballs (crockpot),mac & cheese, salad
8th – chili,cornbread, salad
9th – tuna patties, garlic roasted potatoes, coleslaw
10th – tacos made with mylentil & rice taco filling, and all the trimmings
11th – cranberry chicken (CP), mashed potatoes, salad
12th – black bean sloppy joes onhomemade hogie rolls
13th – pizza rice casserole, salad
14th – chicken potato chowder, homemade dinner rolls, salad
15th – beef enchiladas, chips & salsa, salad
16th – spaghetti, homemade French bread, green beans
17th – Chinese rice (with chicken and shrimp),egg rolls,
18th – white bean chicken chili, soft whole wheat bread sticks, salad
19th – quick beef stroganoff, salad
20th – clam chowder, oat dinner rolls, salad
21st – taco soup, cornbread, salad
22nd – hot dogs, coleslaw, chips
23rd – pizza – Sierra’s Birthday!!
24th – egg salad sandwiches,tomato soup
25th – Thanksgiving Dinner at my house
26th – leftovers
27th – leftovers
28th – beef stew (cp),bread sticks, salad
29th – nachos for a crowd, chips, salad
30th – southwest stew(CP), cornbread, coleslaw



  1. Thank you so much for the ideas!!

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for the ideas!
    Curious about pumpkin chilli though, do you have a recipe for that? Sounds yum! :)

  3. Stephanie... it is in my November newsletter...

  4. I see you have posted the menus for the entire month of November. Do you have other monthly menus posted? If not, that would be a great addition to your blog.
    I really LOVE your blog and have tried several of the recipes and have made the homemade laundry detergent.

  5. Hi Crystal,
    Thank you for your menu and recipes - your posts are always encouraging and helpful to being a homemaker. I really appreciate that. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless, Lyn


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