Wednesday on the Homestead: IE, Hair Clips, Red Tomatoes, etc..

Wow.. the title of this sounds a bit disjointed! :) Well it is.. but they are a few things that have come to my attention in the last couple of days.

IE.. It is official.. I hugely DISLIKE Internet Explorer. It freezes on me and shuts down and restarts at will, it does not display some pages correctly, at times can take literally forever to load a page or completely abort the operation altogether, and other various annoyances that I could name, but won’t .. because if you use IE you most likely already experience some of this.. So after a lot of urging by my kids I made the switch to Firefox.. I tried Google Chrome and it was not bad, but Firefox has won. I think it took me so long because I just don’t like a lot of change in life.. I work more efficiently when I do familiar things repeatedly each time (like opening up IE when I turn on my computer in the morning). But there is a point where it is a way more inefficient use of my time to fight with something. So now I am a Firefox user and won’t be going back to IE! Any other Firefox users out there?  :)

I went into town yesterday and after a few cool days I guess I was just not thinking about the fact it was supposed to be in the 90’s. I have long hair and halfway through my shopping day I was feeling pretty hot.. Looked through my purse only to find I did not bother to bring hair clips.. had to stop and buy some.. little things like this bug me. I have this tote bag that I always pack before I go into town. I pack up things I might need for the day (like a bottle of water and some hair clips). So when I forget to do this little bit of pre planning I get frustrated with myself when I have to purchase stuff that I have sitting at home already. Just a reminder to myself to go through my mental “town checklist” the next time I leave.

Well it happened.. I went down to water the garden and there it was.. my first red tomato! There is hope! I may get tomatoes before the weather turns too cool. As I was looking through some canning books I was reminded that it will take about 30lbs of tomatoes for 7 quart jars of spaghetti sauce.. I was hoping to get about 25 or so quarts.. so I am figuring I will need about 120lbs of tomatoes.. we will see if this happens..

Today’s to-do list includes taking my son Jacob for his 6th and final drive with the driving school. If he passes the drive.. he is done! Then as far as I am concerned he still needs a few more hours of practice before getting his license. But at least the end is in sight and my three times to town a week trips will be done.

Then I have garden work to do when I come home. The weeds need some picking! Plus there is dinner to get made for the family.. thinking it should be something like bbq burgers since it is going to be another hot day..

That is all from my Homestead today.. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. Been using Firefox for several years now and have no major issues. I too looked at Google Chrome, as hubby and sin use it, but I kept going back to Firefox. Hope it works for you and congrats on that first tomato. A garden milestone achieved!

  2. I hear you! Firefox for me, too. Congrats on the tomato. . . . . . . Turns out the tomatoes are actually working well this summer (they usually don't do well here), but the squash and okra are not doing well at all this year in Texas. ~Liz
    PS My family LOVED your coffee cake recipe.

  3. Whoo Hoo! Foxfire has been our pick too. The big "e" is gone!
    My little tomatoes have been, red, picked and eaten for about 2 weeks now - but no big ones yet. I am very interested in canning tomato sauce this year, I do not have enough in my garden - do you have any recommendations of where to purchase in bulk?

  4. The following is from my blog:
    I totally agree with you about Firefox!!

    Anti Virus Software Recommendations
    Are you having problems with virus', worms, Mal ware, and other such nuisances on your computer? Here are some free software links and advice to set you on a better track while surfing the wonderful world wide web : )

    * Spybot Search and Destroy
    * Avast! Anti-virus software

    I use these two for virus' and Malware and run my laptop problem free. Update on a regular basis and you should have no problems. Another good tip is to use Firefox as a browser instead of Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer is a virus and Malware magnet. Sad to say but true. Firefox is a much better built browser with more protection.

    * Firefox

    If you want to make Firefox your default browser (which you should), in Windows Vista go to the Start Menu and click on Default Programs. Click on "Set Your Default Programs". Follow the directions to set Firefox as your default browser.

  5. Firefox and Chrome for the win!! I liked this post!! :D

  6. i use Firefox for most things.. Had it up to my eyeballs and beyond with IE... I use Chrome sometimes just for reading blogs or if i've got something going on FF


  7. "Hi-5" to Crystal for mentioning the "IE/Firefox" issue. When it comes to "computer issues", I just don't have a clue, So when problems arise, I just deal with it, instead of fixing it. I have not been happy with IE {for the same reason as everybody else} so I really appreciate Miss Carly for working me through the process of switching over! ~BIG HUGS TO YOU!!~ Crystal, your a lifesaver! I look forward to your newsletter every month, and love reading your blog, and your pics turn out lovely! I have bought several of your e-books, my fave is the one on House Management...Thanks Crystal, you're an inspiration!!!!


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