Salsa Questions Answered..



My last blog post generated a few salsa questions.. 

Kristi asked…I have a question on the salsa - first of all, could I use Romas that I froze (with the intention of canning more pizza sauce? and secondly, how long will a gallon of the salsa keep in your fridge?  

Kristi, I have never made the salsa from frozen tomatoes.  The salsa is basically a fresh type salsa.  I am thinking that frozen tomatoes would work better in a cooked type of salsa. 

As for how long it keeps in the fridge? We eat our salsa up pretty fast, typically.  This last summer when I had some extra tomatoes I made two gallons at a time.  Some of that salsa sat in the fridge for well over a month and it was just fine.  The salsa is fermented (like making cabbage into sauerkraut) and that is what gives it the long shelf life. 

Shell from Ohio also asked how long it would keep.. so that was answered above. 

Last Question: I have a question on the salsa. Could I substitute anything for the whey? 

Well, no, not really.. if you want the fermented salsa.  Whey is very easy to get.  I have instructions on making sauerkraut on my site and it shows how to get whey from a yogurt:   

I make feta cheese to get my whey.. that too is very easy and you get lots of whey from this.  You can freeze the whey too. Plus you get a jar of yummy feta cheese to enjoy as well!  Here is the recipe:




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