Rolled Oats and Quick Oats Clarified


I have had a couple of people leave comments on my last blog post (on making instant oatmeal mix) that I wanted to clarify: 

Teresa asked:
Can you use rolled oats instead of quick cooking oats? 

Quick oats are rolled oats..  they are just rolled thinner.  There is nothing different about them other than the size they are rolled.  The reason I use them instead of the regular rolled oats is that because they are not cooked they would not get soft enough for most peoples tastes.   

And Stacey asked:
I'm also wondering if you can use rolled oats or traditional oats in place of the quick cooking oats... 

Same answer as above..  quick oats are rolled or traditional oats.. they have just been rolled thinner.   

Hope that clarifies any confusion!! 


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