Gardens and Weeds…


So the biggest question that has come my way of late has to do with the lack of weeds in my garden and how I do this..  what is my secret??   

The answer is:   I pick them!    ..  no big secret here.  I hoe between the rows with my trusty stirrup hoe and pick them out of the rows.  I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour 4 to 5 days a week in my garden and most of that time is spent weeding.  I don’t really know any other way to deal with them (aside from chemicals which I don’t want in my garden)..  I could mulch and I do a little of that, but not enough to keep the weeds under control.  I just try to consistently stay on top of them and get them picked before they take over and are overwhelming.  This is why I have a great tan this summer!  Haa.. haa..   I get exercise, sun and get to be outdoors and I get fresh veggies in the end for all my efforts.  It’s a great package deal.. 


  1. LOVE my stirrup hoe, makes zapping weeds oh so easy!



  2. I have spent more time in my garden this year than I ever had b4 and it does make a huge differance. We did not turn our garden in the fall so I knew that all the " WEED SEED" would be in the garden spot this year and I was right. With the unusual amount of rain for the south it has been easier to keep them in check. I tired to find a stirup hoe at our local TSC but they did not have them. I guess I will check ACE next.

    Thanks for answering my question Crystal !


  3. try pouring boiling water on them--it works sometimes

  4. I haven't been able to find that kind of hoe around here. But I have a Dutch hoe and love it!!

  5. I have been following your blog for at least three years, way before I ever started blogging here. I just want to thank you for all your practical knowledge that you post and just the neat things you do as a homemaker. You have totally inspired me in so many ways!!! I am giving you the sisterhood award (I know many others have blessed you with it). Thank you so much for your blog!


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