Garden Update..


Isaac and I went down to water the garden last night and I was surprised to see how my green beans had grown so quickly!  I planted bush beans and I moved the plants around a bit to see and saw a ton of green beans about ready!  Really it seemed like overnight…. But I am thrilled!    Besides eating them fresh I will be freezing any leftover ones and canning some 3 bean salad.  I don’t think I really planted enough to bother with canning, we will see though.  I may can some if it looks like I have enough.   

Today the temps are soaring to around 100 and so Leanne and I went down to the garden this morning to water again.  I wanted to make sure my garden gets plenty of water during this upcoming heat wave.  I took some pics while I was there.. 

Lettuce..  well, I planted a whole lot of lettuce and we are eating lots of salad but it seems that we barely put a dent in what I planted! LOL..  so lesson learned?  Plant less and plant ever few weeks instead of all at once..  I knew this actually so why I did not follow this I am not sure..  a few too many summers off of gardening and my skills got rusty! 


Summer Squash..  I still don’t have any ready. I planted 3 mini zucchini's and 3 sunburst squash plants..  but I am gathering together all my zucchini and summer squash recipes to be prepared. 

Those green beans..


Wild Flowers..

And a few more… 


  1. Your garden looks great......No weeds!!...........Teresa from Red Maple Roost

  2. Yes, you garden looks wonderful. I also say..."no weeds!"

  3. Your garden is so beautiful ! How in the world do you keep it so weed free ??? We have spent most of our day today in picking and snapping green beans . It is a very nice feeling to have grown your own food and preserve it for winter months.

    God bless,


  4. Dear Crystal, Here in GA we are having our second flush of green beans. Would you please share your 3 bean salad recipe? Thank you!

  5. Your garden is beautiful! It reminds me of my gardens I grew as a child in Maine.

  6. Crystal,

    Your garden is amazing!!! I just love the pictures. What a beautiful garden....everything looks so healthy.

    Love you my friend,


  7. Your soil is beautiful. I also want to know how do you keep all the weeds out. There aren't even any hiding out around the plants. Please share!


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