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The sun came out this week it was so nice!  Hubby did some wood gathering; time to start another year of getting in the winter wood.  We still start a fire some days to take the chill off, but I see that changing soon.  We are almost out of wood now.   

This week Tobin spent a couple hours or so letting Leanne get some driving practice in.  She has her permit and is now working on her license.  She will be driving by summer’s end, I am sure.   

I finally ordered seeds for my garden this week, they should arrive today.  I was not sure if I was going to have a garden but my girls really wanted one and I figured this summer does not look anywhere near as busy as last summer was so I think we can stay on top of it.  I will also buy some plants (tomatoes and cucumbers) and hopefully we will have it all planted by this weekend.  Tobin rototilled the garden on Monday for the 3rd time so it should be ready to go now.   

In the kitchen this week I made another gallon of salsa and did some baking.  I used my whole wheat oat dinner roll recipe to make hamburger buns and cinnamon rolls and made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies.  All of which has been eaten and it is time to make more.    I love using that recipe for hamburger and hotdog buns.. so nice and soft.   

Jacob worked for the neighbor a couple of times this week and squeezed in his school work as well.  He is just about done.  All the kids are just about done with school this year..  yea!  It will be time to put those school books away in another couple of weeks.   

Can’t remember if I shared this or not..  but Leanne is now all done with high school!  She got her GED results in the mail and passed all her tests with flying colors.  We are very proud of her.  She is now working on her CLEP’s as she gets ready to join Emily in the College Plus ranks.  She says she would like to work towards an English degree and maybe eventually go into teaching.  She is not sure but thinks maybe missionary work might be in her future and if so a teaching degree would be helpful.  Lots of plans going on as I watch my children grow up and make plans for their lives.. an exciting time!  

Emily is working on her classes through Thomas Edison State College now and doing well.  I think she is getting tired (she has been going strong with her college work since last April) but is determined and tenacious to see this to the end.  We could not be more proud of her hard work as she strives to meet her goals.   

Today Leanne, Sierra and I are headed to town to do some grocery shopping and buy those garden plants and few other things on my list.  We will stop and get our coffee at Starbucks (the “going to town” tradition) and then head off to get our work accomplished. I think I will call Hannah and see if she is busy today.. would love to spend my day in town with her and my grandbaby too!    I don’t think I have posted a recent picture of my granddaughter Elizabeth.  This picture was taken when Hannah was here for Emily’s birthday earlier this month.  She is really growing and is such a sweet baby…. 


Dinner tonight is pot roast and mashed potatoes, a salad and maybe some watermelon if the price is good.  I will put the roast in the crockpot before I leave for town.   

That’s all the updates from my homestead..  Hope you all have a beautiful weekend on your homestead! 


  1. Crystal, Congratulations to Leanne. I know you are proud of her. Elizabeth is such a beauty and growing like a weed. I still think she looks like Richard. (grin) Have a good day, my friend. Winona

  2. She looks so much like you!!


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