Gardens and Shortcake

Today we got the garden in!!  Woo Hoo!! 
  Six of us (me and the kids) spent 2 1/2 hours in the beautiful sunshine and got everything planted..  now we just have to keep it going! LOL..  We planted lettuce, cabbage, summer squash, green beans, corn, flowers and tomato and cucumber plants….  I have a HUGE garden area and in the past have planted the whole thing.  I knew I was not up for that this year so we planted about 1/3 of it..   Here is a pic.. not a whole lot to see at this point..  but soon it will be full of veggies! ..

This morning when I got up I decided to get the angel food cake made for shortcake. I knew I would be outside working in the garden and then it would be time to make dinner and I wanted to get it done before that. When I was out shopping yesterday I bought 8lbs of strawberries at Costco.  The kids had already eaten 4lbs of them and if I did not get that cake made the other 4lbs would be gone and Tobin really enjoys shortcake.   I made the cake with some really big free range eggs (I don’t have any chickens right now so I buy the eggs from my food co-op, Azure Standard )..  Those whites whipped up sooo nicely and the cake was just perfect.  Here is a pic of the cake and a piece all made into shortcake… 


If you would like the angel food cake recipe you find it HERE.. 


Hope you all had a beautiful Saturday on your homesteads..      


  1. The cake looks really good. When we had fresh strawberries a few weeks ago we did the same thing except we bought the angel food cake, since I don't have the pan to make one.


  2. Your shortcake looks so yummy! Loving the garden my God bless you with a lot of yummy veggies to eat. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Looks great, Crystal...what great helo you have...


  4. What a great garden! I wish we had some land to grow more of a garden. For now my garden boxes will have to do.

  5. Wow you all go way out with your garden!!! Ours is probably as large as 1/3 of what is in your pic. LOL I am not sure if we can plant all of that as it is. I would love to though. Normally I plant about 3 weeks earlier in the year than now, but it's been so unseasonably cold I just haven't done it yet. I hope to soon, very soon!!! Did you plant seeds or transplants? I am going to have to do seeds, the budget isn't allowing for transplants this year, so I hope they do well and have enough time to grow before the end of the season!

    Jenn M.


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