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I have been a roll lately..  getting lots done.  I have really gotten into my “to-do” lists.  I have things like master lists to follow, and I will jot down a few things here and there that need to be done, but never really had an on going to-do list.  Now my hubby is THE list man.  He always has so much to do and so many details to think about between work and home and he has lists going all the time.  So I followed his example and began making lists for myself.   

At first I was a bit overwhelmed..  I saw all that I needed to do and thought..  oh my.. ignorance was/is bliss! LOL..   But then I became focused and started putting one foot in front of the other and it has become a challenge to me to see how much I can knock off the list each day!    Also it has been a nice cure for the lack of inspiration..  doing or action always produces enthusiasm to keep moving (at least for me). 

In the last few days I managed to get a gallon of salsa made, ½ gallon of sauerkraut, 4 gallon size jars filled with granola (I taught Sierra how to do this little job so she can help out with the granola making too! ), did oodles of laundry, made 32lbs of soap, cleaned up my basement and did some reorganizing, sewed a button on a pair of pants, gave the all the guys hair cuts, kept up on dinners for the family and the house tidy, caught up on all my book work, and did some web work, etc..  you get the idea!  

So my cure for feeling a little blue and uninspired lately was to..  “do the next thing”..  put one foot in front of the other..  I find it to be like synergy..  the energy created from doing gives me energy to keep doing (don’t know if that is the exact definition but that is how I think of it)..  Even when you don’t feel like it.  My mother in law said to me once..  “the first five minutes of a job are the hardest”..  sometimes it is the getting up and doing that takes the most effort, but once you get going..  then the synergy part kicks in..  and how great it feels to be productive!  

Now today..  my focus turns toward redoing my to-do list..  As soon as I have checked off more than half of the list, I pull out another piece of paper and transfer the unchecked items to it and start adding more… because there is always more to add! LOL..    

So.. if you have lots to do and are feeling overwhelmed or uninspired..  make a to-do list and start working on it.. one step at a time..  and you too will begin to feel a great sense of accomplishment, energy and enthusiasm from being productive..   

Here is a cute little to-list to print off..






  1. I too find lists keep me going. I am an unorganized person naturally and left to my own I become very lazy so these list keep me organized. I have a small notebook of routines I go through. While I have many list of routines for specific things I keep each list small so I can jump in anywhere and when I finish the list I feel accomplishment and it keeps me going onto the next one. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me not to become slack.

  2. I think your MIL is definately right.......the first five minutes are always the hardest!!! Most of the time, if I can just get started....then the end is near to my dreaded chores. And I always feel energized and ready to take on the next thing on my list.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  3. Crystal,

    What a great post. I need to do this also.

    Love ya my friend,


  4. I need to get back to doing my lists too. They really do help. It lets you see what you have accomplished as well.



  5. Thanks for the timely post! Now, to go shut down my computer and actually DO what's on my to do list :)

    **Owl Momma**

  6. LOL! My hubby has been telling me for the last week that I need to make short lists so that I feel like I'm accomplishing more each day. I am anti-list now for 13 years of marriage so it's hard for me to become the list maker but I did it the other day and I did not get sidetracked as I normally do. So kuddos to the list making blog! Have a great day! ~Jessica

  7. that to do list is very cute!

    How do you keep from becomeing overwhelmed y not gettting things done on your list as fast as you'd like?

  8. Wow! No wonder you are going on vacation!


  9. WOW! 32 lbs of soap and more. I am in awe and inspired, Crystal! Your are THE Mama!


    PS Love your name


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