Spring Cleaning and Freecycle


Lately I have been doing some spring clutter clean out.  I don’t know how it happens, but try as I may to keep the “stuff” out of my house I still find I have it to purge.  Mostly it is things like outgrown clothing and books that we no longer need and toys, games, a few small household items, etc.  I typically take anything in good condition to my nearest Good Will drop site.  I am not into garage sales because I don’t like the hassle of them.   

Well I had a large item that needed a new home and I did not want the hassle of selling it for most likely not enough money to make the whole process worth it.  I decided to try Freecycle.  I have been a member of my local Freecycle Yahoo Group for sometime but never have used them.  This morning I put my item on Freecycle and then went about doing some more cleaning and purging.  In about one hour I had 5 responses!  Hopefully one of them will work out and my desire would be to see this item gone before the weekend is out!  What a great feeling to give my “stuff” that just sits and collects dust to someone who can use it.  AND I don’t even have to go anywhere to deliver..  they come and pick the “stuff” up.   

So if you are currently doing any spring cleaning then you might want to check out Yahoo Groups and see if there is a freecycle for your area and “free” yourself of items that could use a new home!! 



  1. I agree. Freecycle has been a huge blessing to our family. We not only can give our slightly used items to families needing such an item, but I have gotten great deals from the community. From a wonderful rocker to place on the front porch to a great foosball table the kids have had hours of fun with their friends.And that is to mention just a few. If you have Freecycle in your community I highly recommend you check it out!

  2. I have been able to share lots of things with people. I have also been blessed with some unwanted treasures. One of the best sites around!


  3. I love Freecycle. We were able to give away several things last summer that were collecting dust in storage and in doing so, helped out some other families!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  4. I really enjoy your sites and glad to see your great blog! Thank you for sharing SOO much!

    I also wanted to invite you to "The Conservative Homeschooler"


    Please join and share with us there!

    God bless!

    A sister in Christ,




  5. We stumbled upon the freecycle group in our area about 3 years ago. Great place to give away things that might be of use to someone else.

    My DH and I also were blessed with landscaping rocks last year when someone was re-doing their yard. What a wonderful service!

  6. I am thinking has sprung here in WI in my neck of the woods. So good to be out in it. I walked today in the woods near my home and it was wonderful.

  7. Yes, picking up the "stuff" is great! We have a similar free market in our area that we love to use. We are also on the ARC mailing list, so they send us a postcard each month to let us know when they will be in the area. Then, we just put out our donations on the curb to await pick up-- it's totally hassle-free!


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