Thursday on the Homestead

Today was a nice day.  Tobin and I went to town this morning to run some errands.  He had a load of steel scraps that we took in for recycling, then it was a stop at Home Depot, the bank and finally the gas station (where we paid $2.59 a gallon for gas!!
).  We left early and the kids got the chores done and were working on school by the time we returned.   

The rest of the week has been productive.  Tobin helped me do some packaging of soaps and catch up on all my book work (tax season will be here before we know it ).  We spent a few evenings watching LOST with the kids and are almost done with season 2.  It has been another fun TV show to watch in the evenings.   

This week I also made 2 more pies.  I had that great pie crust recipe that I made on Saturday for my Sour Cream Apple Pie and still had 3 crusts left.  I tightly wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge.  On Tuesday I pulled 2 out in the morning (so they could come to room temp) and later in the evening made 2 Blender Fudge Pies… they were yummy!  Now I have one more pie crust and am still trying to figure out what kind of pie I want to make next.  I was thinking of maybe a pumpkin pie or another apple pie.  Here is a pic of my Fudge Pies:


You can find the pie crust recipe here:
Whole Wheat Pie Crust in the Bosch 

And the pie recipe:  Blender Fudge Pies 

The weekend ahead looks like it will be back to work for my hubby and baking goodies, keeping up on the house, making soap, and keeping up on the meals for my hungry, growing kids!   

Hope you are all having a great week on your homesteads! 


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