It’s Monday!


Monday morning is here and I have a busy week ahead as usual. Last week seemed to just fly on by. The kids are making good progress in their school work, Emily is doing great on her CLEP testing (in fact she is taking another one today) and Leanne is studying her drivers manual so she can be ready to take her test soon. Leanne has also been handling all the math with Isaac and Sierra. That has been a great experience for her and she is doing a fantastic job of it.


This last week my church gave Hannah a baby shower. It was soo nice! The ladies in my church are so sweet and loving and Hannah felt truly loved and blessed by their outpouring of generosity. I was happy to have a chance to see my granddaughter again! Plus I got to see her yesterday morning at church as well and hand her around to all the ladies to oohh and aww over her. She is almost 4 weeks old now! Here are a few pics from her shower:




The table was decorated so cute! 



This is Auntie Sierra and baby Elizabeth:



Here is a picture of my girls and Sierra’s friend Makayla 

(from left to right: Makayla, Sierra, Emily, Hannah and Leanne):




My Monday is going to be busy with school, at least this morning. With my new schedule on housekeeping (having my daily chores written out for each day of the week) I am happy to say we are doing a much better job of maintaining a clean house! So we will run through the chore list for Monday and then move onto school. In the afternoon Tobin and I have our date afternoon/evening. We have some errands to run and our usual stop at Starbucks for coffee.. 


Speaking of daily chores I have had a few emails requesting I post my lists of daily chores. I will do that sometime this week and put them on my website and post the links here.  Many of the chores are specific to my home but you can make adjustments to fit your own home and cleaning routines. 


Time to get the kids up and get the household routines rolling for the day! Hope you all have a great Monday on your homesteads! 


  1. The table for the shower looked so beautiful! What a sweet thing for them to do! Pouring out the love of Christ! :)

  2. What a nice gesture. You have a beautiful family and the generosity of the ladies was truely a blessing to you. The table looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to your cleaning lists.

    God Bless


  3. How sweet!!!! I hope she got lots of goodies for the baby!! I love the pink cupcakes with the butterflies on them. What an adorable idea.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  4. What a fun and generous thing for the ladies to do!! The table really was pretty as could be!!



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