Monday on the Homestead


We had a very wet weekend! I have no idea how much rain we got, but it must have been several inches.. the rain just poured down.. wish I could send it those parts of the country that need it!


We never seem to get through these really rainy periods without some rain caused excitement and this “little” storm was no exception. On Saturday night, after Tobin had left for work, the boys were in our room in the basement that we call our music room.. also has a tv and other things. They were playing Nintendo. The girls and I were getting ready to settle down and watch an episode of 7th Heaven.   Isaac ran upstairs and got a couple of big towels and I immediately figured they must have spilled something and asked him what happened. He told me there was water leaking into the music room. So I went down to see what was going on and right under one of the windows water was basically pouring in. I told Jacob.. we need to see what is going on outside.  He jumped into action and Leanne also grabbed her coat and shoes and we all went out.. The rain and even hail were just non stop .. we saw that the drain pipe on the roof was clogged and water was basically draining over the gutters and right down towards the window which is only a little above ground level. Jacob and Leanne ran and got shovels so we could start trenching a line out into the yard to divert the water away from the window.. that worked some.. Then Jacob ran and got a ladder and cleaned out all the debris (we have a lot of fir trees around our house and the needles fall on the roof and the rain washes them down into the gutter) from the gutter and drain pipe.. and the water started draining down, but there was still water, and a good amount of it, flowing down towards the window… so we dug another trench, which again helped some but did not stop the water from going into the basement.. in the end we figured the problem out. It has rained so much that even the mole holes are full and there was a mole hole near the window and water was actually coming up out of that! So we dug a bigger ditch around the mole hole to divert that water and finally we stopped it from going into our basement.. the whole time we are doing this the younger kids are in the basement holding towels and whatever they could find to soak up the water to keep it from ruining the carpet below. We came in and were totally soaked .. all our clothes were muddy and wet and we were very cold.. Emily already had a nice pot of herbal tea going and while we cleaned up and dried off.. the tea steeped.. If felt so good to sit down and sip on that hot tea! Then we realized that the rain had stopped! LOL..  But it did start up again soon afterwards. I am happy to say that we are in for some sunny days this coming week so maybe things can dry up and we can try and put our yard back together.. it is looking a bit torn up right now..   I was extremely proud of my kids for their quick action and help in this.. especially Jacob who is becoming more and more capable and helpful and growing into a young man that is making his mama proud.. 


Now onto my Monday.. at the top of my list is school with the kids. I have a couple of books to assemble for Isaac and vocab and spelling words to go over with all the kids, laundry (I had a huge load to wet towels to wash yesterday and muddy wet clothing) but today there is more laundry on the to-do list. I need to bake bread, and do some more freezer organizing. I think I can get what we have into 2 freezers instead of 3, which will help with the electricity costs. 


Dinner tonight on my homestead will be baked chicken legs, mashed potatoes & gravy, salad or coleslaw and some of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert that Sierra baked on Saturday.   Emily and Leanne are in charge of making dinner tonight so it is a night off from cooking for me!


Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. After all that rainy weather I hope you get a week full of sunshine!

  2. Crystal,

    Sorry to read about the water how you guys worked together on this. What a great family you are!!! Thinking of you all.

    Blessings my friend,


  3. I can totally relate to your story about the rain, the stopped up gutter and the leaking into the basement. I am glad you had all your kids there helping you....go teamwork to save the homestead from water damage!


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