Friday on the Homestead


We had a nice break in the rain this week. Then Wednesday the rain was back, but not as bad as last week. Now the weather report is saying there will be a few more dry days.. I do hope it will be as they say!


During this dry weather Tobin and the boys have been out gathering our winter’s wood. They got almost 2 cords this weekend and we already have about 2 so we are almost there (we go through about 6 cords every winter). Tobin figures one more weekend (his weekend) and we will have it in. We are blessed to be able to gather enough wood from our property. Due to all the rain in our area many trees grow very fast and in the 11 years we have lived here we have never had to get our wood from an outside source. We just do a lot of selective logging.


Here is a pic of the wood they got this last week, there are 3 rows of it and it equals approx. 2 cords. 



There is a pic of our wood shed and the middle bin is what we have left to fill.



Yesterday Leanne baked 6 loaves of bread and then in the evening she and Emily baked a couple of batches of banana bread. They baked one batch in the little loaf pans and one big loaf. It was good to get the ripe bananas used up. This mornings breakfast and today’s snacks have included banana bread. 




The kids also got the barn cleaned up. There were opened feed bags and a big hay mess and now it is cleaned up. We needed the extra space to store our lawn mowers in there and Tobin has some lumber to store in the barn that would not fit in his shop.


Today I have worked on my laundry (as usual ) and housekeeping chores and school work. Now Sierra, Jacob and Isaac have a couple of friends over to spend the night. They are busy enjoying Jacob’s new xbox 360 that he bought with his own money. Not a bad reward for a summer of hard work.  


Dinner tonight was going to be chicken in the crockpot with gravy over pasta and green beans but with a houseful of young kids and a couple of teenagers I decided pizza would be more popular.. LOL.. no one complained about my choice in the menu change! Now the only thing to figure is if I should add some type of dessert. I may wait for Emily to get home.. that is her forte!


Hope you all have a great Friday evening on your homesteads!


  1. Crystal,

    You guys are going to have a warm and cozy winter with all that wood. Thought about you all today on your beautiful homestead.

    Love ya friend,


  2. And Brent plans to cut down a couple of trees & split - leave out to dry over summer -

    we also are lucky & get free wood off our place - all pines.

    Love Leanne NZ

  3. Wow, a wood shed, looks neat. Yeah, you can tell we're stranded in the city....LOL

    Sounds like a busy but fun house you've got going on there. I LOVE it when my daughter's friends come over. Now that they are teens, it's fun to have them around ;-)


  4. Oh, and I forgot to say I am making banana bread this week, too. I have been letting the bananas ripen up in a cabinet. They are finally quite ready....even have a couple itty bitty fruit flies to prove it. BLECH!


  5. Wow! You guys have been busy indeed! Its a good feeling when you get all those chores done though, isn't it.

    & that banana bread must surely have hit the spot when you were ready for a break. Looks delicious! :)

  6. I love my front loaders too! I have five kids myself and I just love having the energy/water efficient ones. They are my babies. LOL!


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