How to Make Chicken Stock in the Instant Pot

I love how fast and easy it is to make chicken stock in the Instant Pot. I have recipes, tutorials and videos on how to make stock on the stove or the crock pot as well. But unless I'm making a huge batch of stock my go-to method nowadays is making it in my IP. 

It takes 1 hour of cooking time to yield the most delicious stock! The overall process takes a bit more than 1 hour. There is the time needed for the IP to come up to pressure and the time needed for the pressure to drop on its own. 

I often purchase Costco rotisserie chicken. It's a bargain in my mind. For $5 I get a whole chicken seasoned and cooked. For the two of us I can end up easily with 3 meals from this. And then I also get the bonus of being able to make chicken stock from it as well. I think it's a lot of frugal mileage for my $5. 

Below the recipe I have a video of how to make chicken stock

Here is how you make chicken stock in your IP...

Chicken Stock Ingredients Bones from 1 chicken – adding any leftover meat is fine too, but not necessary 1 tablespoon salt Optional Ingredients: Onions, garlic, carrots – any veggies of your choice
A splash of vinegar (helps draw out the minerals in the bones but is optional) Put chicken, salt and any optional ingredients you would like into your IP Add 6 cups water Set IP for 60 minutes (Manual setting) Allow pressure to drop on its own  
Open lid, strain out bones 


And the video of me making it....


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