New Notebooks to Help Organize 2017

I don't know what it is about new notebooks and pens that can make me so happy. :) Every year I purchase a few new notebooks to write, journal and schedule life in. I'm old school in the fact that I prefer paper and pens to write things down in rather than my computer or phone. I do use electronics to keep track of a lot of things, but when it comes to thinking & writing, it has to be paper and pens.

This year I was evaluating my needs for notebooks and thinking about the fact that my life is not super busy like it use to be. I don't need detailed weekly/monthly type planners to keep track of appointments and schedules. I need space to write.

With that in mind here is what I purchased...

I LOVE them! The large one is a 5 subject notebook with dividers that I labeled with the following subjects: Home (all thing homemaking will be written down in this section), Meal Planning (ideas, thoughts, recipes, plans for each month), Projects (this includes all craft and household type projects I want to try and plan for), Garden (garden planning and canning plans, notes on garden successes and failures, what to try and what not to bother with), Blog (Ideas and plans for this blog and any blog related projects).

I made the labels, simply, using my computer and attaching them with clear tape.  I also made a label for each divider...

Nothing fancy at all but totally suits my simplistic and everyday needs.

I found free calendars online and printed them out for the year. I have my January calendar tucked inside the flap of the Home divider... This way I can write down anything that I need to and have the month at glance as I make plans.

The little notebooks can have many uses. One will be used as my prayer journal/Bible reading studies, thoughts/gratitude journal. The second will be left in the kitchen for grocery lists. It's the perfect size to just leave on the kitchen counter so I can write down items that I need to replace as I use them. It can also easily be put in my purse to take with me to the grocery store. The third will be my daily to do list. I find when I go to bed at night that is when my mind starts thinking about the things I want to get down the next day and it will be nice to be able to leave this one by my bed so I jot down the to do list before falling asleep. The fourth one does not have a designated job right now. :) But they came as a set of 4 and were super cute, so having an extra one around won't be an issue.

Now I feel ready to tackle 2017.. ha,ha.. :)

I purchased my notebooks and pens from Amazon.  Below are the links for anyone interested in them.  The pens I purchased are my favorite pens of all time.  :)  I always make sure to have a good supply of them at home.

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  1. I'm a pen and paper girl too. You don't want to know how many planners I have for 2017. 😉

  2. Thank you!! I am a paper and pen person,and love your planners for 2017, very simple, and has everything you need.
    One question, are the colored pens for prioritizing?

    1. Sometimes I use the different colors for different topics... like studies, or organizing.. other times I just like variety! :) ha, ha..

  3. I also like using pen and paper. It's too much trouble to always be going to the computer. I'd much rather have a list in my pocket or purse. I tend to use those marble composition books. I have them all over the house.

    1. I agree on it being too much trouble to go to the computer to write things down.. or I'll think.. I'll get to it when I'm at the computer.. and then forget.. :) Those are nice notebooks too!

  4. Hi, I was interested in purchasing these but I can not see the links. Did they not get attached? Thanks!

    1. hmmm... the links are posted at the bottom of the post under (affiliate links) they are Amazon links.. I can see them.. so I'm wondering if maybe they can't be seen by others? .. I can post them here for you..

      The big notebook:
      The small notebooks:
      The pen:

    2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you. You inspire me to be organized, and I have found since the Lord lead me to your blog, I get a lot more done in a day. He speaks to me through you many days. Thank you for being His servant.

    3. Aww.. thank you Mona!! That really blesses me!!


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