Menu Monday!


Happy December everyone!!  So much to do this month...  It's good to have a menu planned.. one less thing to think about each day.. How is your menu planning this week?

Kalua Pork, macaroni salad, steamed veggies

Split pea soup w/bacon, cheese bread, salad

BBQ chicken, roasted potatoes, coleslaw


Rice cake soup (Korean soup, made by Leanne), egg rolls, salad

Tomato soup, sandwiches, veggie platter

Thai chicken over rice (made by Leanne), salad



  1. I love soups this time of year! They always make the perfect meal :)

  2. My granddaughter is planning to go to Korea to teach when she graduates. Where can she find these recipes? We took her to a Korean restaurant on her 17th birthday that she had been to. She knew what to order but most everything was too spicy for her mom and her grandma.

    1. Anon.. here is one website my daughter Leanne uses a lot for her recipes: Also.. my daughter Leanne said.. please, have her granddaughter email me.. she'd be more than happy to share her experiences, her advice, and such with her... if your granddaughter would be interested in communicating with my daughter.. just send me a comment here on this blog post.. with your email (or your granddaughter's.. I won't post the comment so no worries).. my daughter Leanne is currently working on her paperwork once again to go back to S. Korea.. she loved it there .. and as I said, would be more than happy to communicate with your granddaughter.


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