Update on my Son's Surgery...

So many of you were so very sweet to tell me back in July when he had his ruptured appendix that you were praying for my son. I thank you for that!! The final step in this was surgery to remove what was left of his appendix. They no longer operate right away. My son spent 5 days in the hospital in July on antibiotics and got rid of the infection. Came home and spent a couple more weeks on antibiotics and then surgery was scheduled 6 weeks later (plus a little longer to fit in the doctors surgery schedule).

My son had his appendectomy this morning. It went very well, very straight forward, no complications. They originally told us he'd have to spend the night. However 2 hours after surgery he was up and eating a cheeseburger.. Ha, ha!! So his surgeon wanted him to stay until the evening and if his pain was under control and he wanted to go home, he could. By 6:00 he was sleepy (due to pain meds), but ready to come home. They discharged us and currently he is snuggled up in his jammies and sleeping. And very happy to be in his own bed.

We had some time to wait this morning in pre-surgery... we were having some fun and I took this ''selfie” of the two of us... I'm NOT a selfie person.. ~smile~ But this was a good reason for it...




  1. Wonderful news Crystal! Glad the surgery went well. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery!

  2. Praise God that the surgery went well, Crystal!


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