I’m Back!! And Updates from the Homestead

I’m back from an amazing week away with my husband. We had such a great time. We enjoyed heat and sun and lots of relaxation. Met up with friends that have the same yearly destination. We’ve made friends with a couple from England that vacation each year at the same time. We always look forward to seeing them and hearing about the updates in their life from the year. In all ways we had a blessed time away.

My sister in law handled the home and my father in law and it was such a blessing not to have to worry about anything at home. She handled it all with the fantastic grace and servant’s heart that she has. She is not only a faithful friend to me, but a beautiful example of God’s love in action.

On the home front..

Well.. I’m home now and have so many things to look forward to. A garden to plant is on the top of my list! I’ve got my little tomato plants growing in my husband’s shop under the lights. I only planted half of what I normally do. Tomorrow I plan to transplant them to bigger pots….

I honestly did not know if I was going to be able to plant a garden this year. My hand still has not healed completely and causes me issues. My two middle fingers are limited in what they can do. My hand strength is not what it should be. There is still swelling in my hand. I am now going to more intensive hand physical therapy in hopes of working through these issues. It is now assumed by my orthopedic doctor and physical therapist that the infection in my hand most likely did penetrate beyond muscle and into the tendons in this specific area. My goal at this point it to be able to work through these issues and avoid any type of surgery to fix the problem. At this point I do physical therapy 2 times a week. Praying to see some big progress very soon!!

But… I decided not to let this stop me from having a garden, because (if you are a long time reader of my blog then you know) I LOVE gardening!! I’m just scaling it down this year.. much smaller than years past.

On other subjects..

My sweet little grandgirlies….

Aren’t they cute? I know, I know, I am so terribly biased!! Ha, ha!! :) Hannah is very much into feeding her little family healthy foods. She certainly takes after her mama on this one! She has her girls in the kitchen helping her cook and she takes them shopping for groceries as well. She went to Whole Foods for groceries the other day and found these cute little grocery carts for the girls.. they had a blast helping mama get the groceries…

Little homemakers in the making!! :) What can I say.. I’m just a proud mama and grandma… Love my hardworking daughter!

That is all from the Homestead for now...  will be back with more!!  :)



  1. Sending you healing thoughts and I do hope the hand heals fully soon. love your blog and website I have checked many times over the years and your ideas for homemaking and cooking have been wonderfully helpful, a real support, thank you x

  2. Hi. I come visit here and get encouragement on being a homemaker when I can. All of the recipes I have made are really good! I enjoy reading about your family and all of the special ways you serve them. I am loving your daughter's pictures. So pretty!

    I wanted to share what I did with my tomato seedlings. I grew them, like you, under the lights and put them in the garden early this year. After about 5 weeks they had some nice suckers in between the stem and some of the branches. Do you know what I am talking about? You can pull them out and plant them!! They make fantastic tomato "starts." They are about half the size of my other plants now and will give me a lot more tomatoes later in the season when the other ones slow down. I didn't have to start so many (I usually grow about 75-100 plants from seed.)

    Just wanted to share that in case you do get better with your hand. I am sorry to hear you are still having trouble and will lift you up in prayer. I think of you every time I get a cut on my hand now. Blessings to you and your family.



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