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I’m still here!! Just have not had time to blog. I have a few quiet moments tonight so I thought I send out a little update.

We moved my father in law in on the 27th of March. He has been here a little over 2 weeks. There have been a LOT of adjustments to make. It has been a big job. We realized in so many ways that this has been the right thing to do. It confirms what God was laying on our hearts when we made this decision. We are all currently adjusting to a new routine in the household. This has been a challenge for us all. My sister in law has been staying with us and what a blessing this has been!! She has helped out in so many ways and I am so grateful for her time with us.

On the positive side we have been able to get his medications under control. He was way off with them. The benefits of just this one thing have been amazing. He is stronger and now has a few medical issues under control. Previously, with him living so far away and my husband & I going to help him 3 times a week we were just not able to see all that was going on.

With all the changes and challenges having him move in has brought to my life I’ve had to put computer related things on the back burner while I deal with it all. Real life has become my biggest priority. I can see that just after 2 weeks we are working closer to having a schedule and routine down and I know I will be back to blogging and update my website and all the things I long and love to do very soon again.

In Other News…

My daughter Sierra will be leaving on Wednesday for a 2 week visit to S. Korea to see her sister Leanne. She is soooo excited and so are we for her adventure. She will be traveling with a close and dear family friend who is also excited to see Leanne. I’m such a homebody and I have no idea how I raised children who love to travel the globe!! 

Some may wonder if I’m concerned about my daughters with all the political goings on in Korea.. and while I do have some moments of concern, overall I am not. I feel like the Lord led my daughter Leanne to S. Korea and I have faith that if HE wants her home, she will come home. As of right now, she says the “chatter” in S. Korea is that the S. Koreans are not even concerned. This is a typical pattern with N. Korea. I put my trust in the Lord. If I felt like there was a real concern I would ask her to come home and I certainly would not be sending my 17 year old daughter off to visit her.

Oh.. and my baby goat that I shared about in my last post has a name.. Pippy!! My daughter Hannah gave her the name.. and I liked it!! :)

That is all for now, and I pray I will be back to blogging and sharing life from my homestead on a regular basis very soon.


  1. I like the name, Pippy, too. Cute! How refreshing to read that it was a BLESSING to have your sister-in-law to stay or a while. Not all families would consider it so.

    I'm glad you feel safe with your daughters. Our God is author of life and He wants life for us. I feel exactly the same with my husband working out of the country for months at a time. I know there are things we don't understand about that always, but we can put our trust in God to care for them.

    1. Sharon.. My sister in law and I have a very special (unique) relationship.. I just adore her and we are best friends... I praise God for her in my life and I know so well how this is not common!! But she is a treasure and always willing to step in and lend a hand wherever needed. She has a real servants heart.

      And you are so right.. yes, we always have to put our trust in God for all things. No matter where or what.. even in situations we don't understand. God is good all the time.. and yes, the author of life!


  2. And I am moved to ask, what is G--'s plan exactly? On the heels of the Boston event,I am keeping my family close to me, my faith and love for all is being truly tried right now.I'd usually say G-- bless America but right now I don't think H- gives a hoot.

  3. Praying for the safety of your daughter. Praying also for your family and father in law. God does provide!

  4. Big Hugs ( HUGS ) Glad everything is falling into place. I'll be praying for Sierra and I hope she managed to pack it all in there ;)

    love ya

    1. LOL Cathie!! We did manage to get packed.. and she took some things out.. thank goodness! :D your tips were very helpful!! Unfortunately all the goodies we are sending with Sierra for Leanne filled the carry on! :D.. Sooo.. it will have to be checked in as it had liquids..

  5. Crystal,
    I envy you, you are so at peace with your life and family. Right now I am struggling in my faith, I know to trust in the Lord and follow his path, but sometimes the path isn't always clear. What do you do when that path seems "unclear?

    Praying for your daughters and your family. Glad to hear everything is going well with your family in law.


    1. Anon.. I just did my best to answer your question in a new blog post.. http://homesteadinghomemaker.blogspot.com/2013/04/trusting-god.html

  6. I have been wondering as well how you felt about the ramblings in Korea, I'm glad you addressed it and to be honest you said exactly what I anticipated you would if you did say anything. I have learned so much from you over the years I have followed your blog, you are a true blessing! I am working hard on the issue of fear in my own life; the politics and chatter from in the world can cause me to become almost paralyzed with fear and I know this is not what God wants so I pray a LOT!

    I asked my hair dresser about the Korea situation, she is from Korea also, she said that she had to come out and ask her family if they were scared or concerned about it and they all said no. She said this is normal to them and they approach it with the attitude of if it happens it does we can't change it so why let it ruin our life. I love that, that was also an inspriration to me.

    I love your blog and always look forward to you posting, take care I do keep you and your family in my prayers.

    1. Hi Jen, thank you for your comment! Your Korean friend’s family’s response sounds exactly like what my daughter is saying of those she works with. My daughter Sierra will be home at the end of this week and her trip has been amazing and uneventful (as far as anything political goes).

      And you are so right… fear is not how God wants us to live. The Scripture verse that comes to mind on this is “2Ti 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

      Thank you so much for your prayers! Crystal :)


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