This Week’s Menu

The recipes that have the * next to them indicate that I hope to share the recipe and photos with you soon. Some weeks my menus are my best intentions and they don’t always get made exactly as shown. Sometimes we end up with more leftovers, sometimes our plans change for the day and we need something that is faster to put together (that is usually when I reach for my canned soups, stews and meat).

Hamburger/rice enchiladas, tortilla chips & salsa, salad - This recipe will be made similar to this one HERE only using hamburger . I will use 1lb hamburger cooked with some onion and 2 cups cooked brown rice for the filling. This is enough to fill 12 corn tortillas and maybe a little extra which I’ll spread on top of the finished tortillas This will be cooked in a 9x13 pan.

Korean pork*, egg rolls, salad – this was on my menu a couple of weeks ago and did not get made, I’ll try again!

Salmon patties (I may be making some for the freezer which is what the link shows), brown rice pilaf, garlic roasted brussel sprouts


Chicken parmesan*, french bread, salad

Beef & veggie chili*, crackers, salad



  1. I used your salmon patty recipe to make tuna patties and they were a big hit. I really enjoyed being able to just pull them out and cook them. A great time saver!


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