Happy Birthday Leanne!

Happy Birthday to my daughter Leanne!! Leanne turned 21 yesterday. We had a quiet day, which she liked.. she is not big on fanfare. We will have a couple people over in a few days to have a belated celebration. She had to work on her birthday and so did my husband.

Leanne is my 4th daughter (5th child) and is such a blessing to us all. She is sweet, incredibly kind, friendly, helpful, hardworking, goal oriented, dedicated, always has a smile on her face, loves to spend time with her siblings and nieces and nephew, always willing to lend a hand at home be it cooking or cleaning or running errands for me, and she is very loyal to those she loves. She is a champion of the shy, lonely and those with special needs. She has a true gift in being able to reach out and show genuine friendship to those who are the most in need. Someday she would like to work with special needs children.

Leanne earned her BA in English in 2 years, 10 months. She did this while working full time. This summer she earned a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language (through a program called TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She is currently volunteering her time at the local community college teaching and tutoring students who are learning to speak English. Her goal right now is to work in another country teaching English to foreign students.

Happy Birthday Leanne!! I am blessed beyond words to have you for my daughter! I love you!



  1. My own daughter turned 17 today as well! Happy birthday to them both.

  2. Happy late birthday Leanne. You are a treasure my dear and I love reading about your kindness.
    Thanks for sharing about Leanne Crystal...a joy to read.
    Love ya friend,


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