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This time of year seems so very busy!! My niece Megan came and spent a week with us. She lives in Chicago and was here in July and was back again to spend time with our family. She is such a sweet lady. We had a very fun week with her. My girls kept her busy between trips to town, shopping, going to the mall and making sure she touched based with all her cousins. Yesterday I took her to airport for her flight home and she is now back in Chicago.. planning her next visit to see u!! :)

My spotty blogging this month is due to not only our visit from my niece but orders to pack, gifts to prepare and wrap and still keeping the daily home life rolling along. My kids are getting their Christmas break from our homeschool starting on Monday so that will be a nice break for me too!

Tomorrow Emily and I are planning on baking a few types of cookies to put in the freezer for Christmas dinner dessert. I basically have most all my Christmas shopping done… just one more gift to buy.. but oh my, I have a lot of wrapping to do!! So that is my plan for this weekend is to wrap up the gifts and get them under the tree. Kind of shocked me to see that Christmas is a week from Sunday!! Now that my kids are older I pick random numbers for each child and don’t let them know the numbers until Christmas morning. So I put the wrapped gifts under the tree and they have numbers on them such as.. 54, 36, 75, 81, etc… and no one knows whose gift is whose!! Haa.. haa.. I put their number in their Christmas sock on Christmas morning… then they know.. ;)

That is all for now from the homestead… it’s snowing tonight, first time this year.. all I can say to that is.. 188 days till summer!! :D



  1. Good Morning Crystal,

    When time allows would you mind posting your Christmas menu. I see when you wrote out the Dec menu, you said you were still working on it.

    BTW, your cranberry beef roast was a hit in our home:)


  2. My mother used to number our packages too! That is so funny! We were always snooping! We haven't had snow yet, but I would like some for Christmas then the count down to planting season will begin! Have fun baking those cookies!

  3. Crystal, I love the idea of number the packages. Although my kids are grown, I will share that idea with others. I love your blog and look forward to your newsletters too.



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