Homestead Garden: Tomato Starts and Garden Update

I transplanted my tomato starts last weekend. They all had their first two true leaves and ready for a bigger home…

I have real issues with thinning and tossing my little starters. I planted 2 seeds in each little spot figuring they might not all come up and you know what .. they all did.. So I had to make hard choices and pluck out one of them because I don’t have room in my little seed starting box for them all… plus in reality that would be a HUGE amount of tomatoes. So.. I made the hard choices. :)

We have had one of the wettest and coldest springs on record in my parts. So it has been nearly impossible to find enough dry days to get the garden rototilled. You need at least a day or two for the ground to dry out and then another day to finally get the job done. Normally we rototill for the first time in late February or early March. Finally this last week we had 4 nice days in a row (the first since I can’t remember when) and Tobin got out there right away and got the garden rototilled. It looked so good.. even if it was just dirt.. LOL.. sure made me excited for this years garden season to begin!!


  1. That is a gorgeous plot. The grass is so green and your soil looks so rich. I'm sure you'll be blessed with a great garden this year.

  2. Looks beautiful!! I wish our garden looked that good:) We are enjoying the nice, warmer, sunny, wonderful, spring days too!! May they continue!!

  3. Crystal~ Your garden area looks so pretty.

  4. Beautiful garden area, Crystal! How long have you gardened in that spot? And what is the structure in the lower corner (looks like it's made of pvc?)?
    Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  5. Lauren.. we have lived here 15 years now and I have gardened in that spot for almost all of those years. Took a gardening break a few years ago.. The structure is a green house, formally a pig shelter.. LOL.. we raised pigs in the garden one winter several years ago. Yes that is PVC you see.. the sides are wood. It needs to be covered with plastic. The last time hubby covered it, the wind blew it off during the following winter. I have not, at this point, actually used it as a green house.. just mostly storage.

  6. I really like your garden area a lot.
    Lisa (Frugalmomntraining) on the message board.

  7. That photo of your garden is wonderful! So full of promise! :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I found myself staring at it in awe and then finding peace in the picture. I'm sure your garden will be a great success!


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