It's Almost the New Year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I did not get a chance to post before the holiday like I had wanted to. Life just became a whirlwind of busyness. Prior to Christmas day we made a spontaneous trip up to Port Townsend, WA to visit Tobin’s parents. It was such a nice trip and we all enjoyed the break from our routine. It is always great to visit with the family.

The girls and I got right to work after we got back to prepare food for our Christmas dinner. Leanne and Sierra handled all the cookie baking and helped me with our Christmas dinner. This year Tobin had to work over the holiday so it was a little different than usual. We enjoyed what time we did have together. We had our big meal on Christmas Eve and then he left for work. We opened gifts in the morning when he got home. We had a relaxing day and munched on all the leftovers from our Christmas dinner. Later in the afternoon the kids all headed into town to see a movie.

I got all the Christmas decorations put away a couple days later and got my house back to normal. I like to do it soon after Christmas because there is just something refreshing about going into the new year with life in order. I do love starting a new year! It just inspires fresh goals and it inspires me to clean and organize my house! The winter months just seem ideal for digging into the closets and storage areas and going through the “stuff”. I plan on purging and eliminating as much as I can! ~smile~

The first thing on my organization list has been getting my January menu plan made up. I am fine tuning it now and will be posting it very soon. The new menu calendar for January is posted on my site. You can find it here:  I post a new calendar every month. You can write your menus on it and hang it on the fridge to help keep you organized! I find having my meals planned is the one of the best things I can do to stay organized!

I plan on chatting this month about organization! I hope to touch on everything from organizing our day to our houses.. Lord willing I will have the time to share with you all!!

Hope you have a blessed day on your homesteads today!!


  1. I do the same thing with our Christmas decorations and feel the same way about the new year. It feels easier to clean and organize this time of year, and it's almost exciting for me. Boy, that makes me sound like a "weirdy" as my 14 yr old would say. Happy New Year!

  2. I much prefer to get my Christmas decorations put away before the New Year. My mom always says, "Don't go into the new year with last year's decorations." To me it is just one chore that I don't have to think about doing anymore!


  3. I forward to your posts on organization. One of my goals for next year is to get my home organized for the first time in years :)

  4. I need to put our Christmas things up but I just can't seem to get started, lol... But it will be done by tomorrow.

    Thank you for always sharing the Menu calendar with us.

  5. I've to say that I love Christmas so much that I wait until after the New Year to remove the decorations. Also, because we always have a real tree in the house, we don't set them before December 15th or even 20th (like this year).

    I really look forward to your posts on organization. My house is in a constant state of renovation these days and I really need to get things in order. Also, we'll have our first baby in March, so I really need to organize my home. For the moment, I read "Home Confort" by Crystal Mendelson that I discovered on your blog a few years back and I find it very inspiring. Contrarly to Martha Stewart advices, which tend to be more about cute boxes and frils, Ms Mendelson advices are down to Earth and functional.

    Thank you again!


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