Shopping and Cooking for a Week at My House, Part 2

Part Two....

Wednesday Night

I had another day of running kids to the airport and testing. So again, I wanted something that was not to taxing! ~smile~

We had bbq hamburgers.  I made a comment that we don't buy beef from the grocery store, however there is one exception.I do purchase frozen hamburger patties from Costco, occasionally. Right now I am doing it
because I am almost out of beef (have another cow on order), and wanted to save the hamburger I have left for other meals.

While I was waiting for my son to finish up a test he was taking I stopped by Walmart. I picked up 2 cabbages and some green chilies. Remind me not get my canned green chilies from Walmart.. at least not that one, I don’t shop at Super Walmart for groceries typically because they never seem to have what I need and this was the case once again. All they had were the little cans of chilies. I typically buy whole chilies in a big can to make chili rellenos (on the menu Sunday night). Not much of a grocery trip, but nonetheless here it is..

Total Spent: $5.09

I got home early enough to get some hamburger buns made. My favorite recipe for this is my
oatmeal dinner rolls
. These are great tasting hamburger buns. I am able to get 16 buns made from the recipe. They freeze great too..

The lettuce was from my garden, tomatoes still from last weeks shopping, sliced onions and swiss cheese. I served Kettle brand ‘lightly salted’ potato chips (bought those last week) with this meal. And Leanne and Isaac made a bigbowl of coleslaw with one of the cabbages I bought.

Thursday Night

Happy Day for us!! Tobin and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary! :) We went out to eat and the kids stayed home and made dinner for themselves. They ate leftover burgers and had sausages left from Tuesday and coleslaw.

Part three.. to be continued..



  1. Mmmm.....those dinner rolls look amazing! I printed your recipe and I'm going to make them tonight for when we grill hamburgers. I can't wait! lol


  2. Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for blogging and keeping your website up to date. I appreciate all the time you have put into this to teach others...especially ME. My family really loves your recipes. I have to tell you that my sons favorite recipe is your pancakes. I make them by the batch and freeze. He takes one or two out in the morning...heats and eats. He complains if there are not any in the freezer. Thanks again for inspiring me to be a better wife and homemaker.

    P.S. I made your pancakes last night and took about a third of the batter..added cocoa powder and about 1 tbs of sucnant. My youngest said they tasted like german chocolate cake. A lightbulb whent off in my head. I will use coconut oil instead of OO and make a coconut pecan "syrup" next time. Maybe a desert pancake?? I will let you know.

  3. Oh, this looks great...I"m curious about the cow thing...where do you go to "order" your beef? Do you have to order a lot or can you order a little bit? Why do you prefer that verses going to the store for ground beef? I'm really intrigued!!!! :) :) :)...
    Happy Anniversary...that's great...26 years together!!! Hope you have many, many , many more years together. love and hugs, Heather :)

  4. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!! :) Love the dessert pancake idea!! Please do let me know how it goes if you try that!!

    Heather.. when I say I "order" a beef, I am calling a local farmer that lives not too far from me and raises beef cows. I tell him we would like to purchase a cow again and he calls me back in a few weeks to let me know the cow is at the butchers ready to be cut and wrapped. We then pay him for the cow, then in about week we go and pick up our beef from the butcher and pay them for their services.

    We do this for a lot of reasons.. one big one is health. Real farm grown beef is hard to find. We drive by his fields and see his cows out there and know one will be ours! :) If you want to know more about this I suggest watching the movie.. Food, Inc. very eye opening .. Another reason we do it is taste! The taste of home grown beef can not be beat!! Makes it hard to ever go back to grocery store beef..

    I suppose I could order less meat, like half a cow or a 1/4, if I could find someone to purchase the rest of it.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for sharing the bun recipe. Your recipe is less time consuming than the one I make so I am eager to try it. Take care and God bless.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I made your oatmeal dinner rolls and they were DELICIOUS! I have had a request from my daughter to not use wheat the next time. I even stuffed some with cheese when I rolled them up....YUMMMMMY!

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!



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