Saturday on the Homestead

I am looking out the window this morning and seeing snow on the hills of Oregon.. a beautiful site!!


Today is going to be a day of sewing.  My sweet hubby bought me a new sewing machine!  He also bought one of our daughters a new machine.  Sew Â…  today I will be deciding if I want to work on the jumper pattern for myself or keep making diapers.  I found some more cute baby flannel at Walmart yesterday and canÂ’t wait to turn it into diapers!  Plus I found a few remnant pieces so Sierra and I can continue to make doll clothes.  “Sew much to sew.. sew little time!”  haa.. haaÂ… 


Plus I still have a home to keep up onÂ…  I need to work my way through laundry, clean the bathroom this morning, vacuum and then think about getting ready for IsaacÂ’s birthday tomorrow.  He will be 8 years old!  He is so excited about his big day.  Emily is going to make him and ice cream cake.  This will be something different and a change from the norm for us. 


I also still have horns to burn on my baby goats.  I really need to take care of this and not procrastinate!  I was hoping for a warmer day so I could do it outside and not freeze to death..  I also need to burn the horns on the new La Mancha buckling I got.  But that may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday because today is feeling pretty cold out!  


POM Update:  The little girl Pomeranian has been sold!  We have one more puppy to sell and an ad running this weekend so we are praying that someone will buy him!  


Well that seems to sum up my Saturday on the Homestead.  I will try and get back here with some pictures to share of our sewing, pics of my new goats and answer some of the questions I have been asked recently! 





  1. Hey Crystal, I just wanted to thank you for answering my email, I did get my pics to work! And I am so excited for your new sewing machine! What kind is it? And your daughter's? Wow, my sewing machine was my grandmother's, so having a new one would be amazing. But, alas, I am still learning much about I will have to learn more before I move on up to a better machine! :O) I hope that Isaac has an awesome birthday tomorrow! What's your theme?

    <>< Cassandra

  2. Just coming by to say hi and wish you a wonderful day of sewing ahead....

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Hi Crystal,

    Sounds like you all are having a great day.

    Happy Birthday to sweet Isaac. Will be thinking of him tomorow.

    Love to you all,



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