Menu Monday!

We've been out of town and I didn't get a chance to get this post up until much later than usual. 

I only have a couple meals to share from last week. We ate leftovers a few times, and were not here as well.

The chicken pot pie turned out really good...

 You can find my recipe for this HERE. The only change I made was that I already had cooked chicken and broth in my freezer. They were from a rotisserie chicken I had.  

We ate this for 2 nights and I had another serving to put in the freezer. 

I made pizza and it turned out really yummy. I made an Italian Sub Pizza. Basically I put items on my pizza that you would put on an Italian Sub Sandwich.  I plan on making a separate post about this in a couple days. 

The picture does not do justice to how good this tasted. :)

We had this for 2 nights and no leftovers to be found! :D 

That is all I have this week and now will move on this coming weeks menu plan..

Burrito Casserole - this will be the 3rd week it's on my menu. If it had not been for going out of town I would have made it. Once again HERE is the recipe I plan on making. Hopefully it will happen this week because I really want to try it. :) 

Sausage & Rice - I have some Aidelle sausage in the fridge and want to use it. So I'm going to sautee up veggies and the sliced sausages, add cooked brown rice and then season it with whatever appeals to me at that moment.

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes - This is my dinner plan for Easter Sunday. Then I will have to make my plans for how I want to tackle the rest of the ham. I also plan on making deviled eggs and a salad. If I'm feeling super ambitious I'll make some dinner rolls.

I think that will probably be plenty of food for us this week. If I'm needing another meal my back up plan will be fish sticks and tater tots.  

That's all for this week!
Crystal :)



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