Grocery Haul for Two and Weekly Average Update for April

Good morning! :)

I questioned if I even really needed to shop this week. My freezer is full, my pantry is well stocked, but, I did need some fresh fruits and a couple veggies. 

It was a quick in and out type of trip that proved to be extremely frugal. 

Yes indeed, that was all I needed for the week.  I still had half & half, from buying extra while they were on sale. I still had my regular salad veggies such as cabbage (red & green), peppers, mushrooms, spinach. The only thing I was out of was cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. 

We had oranges from the large bag we bought last week so I only needed a few apples and bananas. The sliced pickles were still on sale and I use them in the wraps I make hubby so I grabbed a couple more jars.

I was almost out of lunch meat for hubby's lunches and usually buy it at Costco. However it was not worth a trip to Costco for only one item so I picked up some deli sliced ham at Winco. 

The price wasn't to bad, but I like the quality of the lunch meats I get from Costco better. 
And there you have it....


This weeks total from Winco was: $12 

 End of April Weekly Average Update

I have been grocery shopping 4 times this month and have spent a total of $323. This has been my lowest month so far this year. 

I have been grocery shopping 17 times this year and have spent a total of $1537 in food for the 2 of us. 

My weekly average, so far, for all of 2019 is:



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