Menu Monday!

Good morning! Happy Monday and happy fist day of April. :)

Last week's menu had a couple changes, as seems to happen a lot lately. 

On Monday I was going to have the leftovers of our corned beef dinner and my hubby was in the mood for a bbq, so that is what we had..

BBQ'd steak, tater tots in the air fryer and salad. It was delish!

On Tuesday we had the corned beef leftovers and finished the steak leftovers.

On Wednesday I did my grocery shopping and picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco. When I got home I made a quick batch of mac & cheese to go with this..

We had leftovers of this on Thursday.

I still had a lot of chicken and mac & cheese leftover so I put a couple single serve meals in the freezer..

 Then I took the remaining chicken and made chicken stock from it in my Instant Pot.  I put the chicken carcass in the IP, add about 6 cups of water and set it on "Manual" for 60 minutes. 

 When it's done I strain out the bones from the broth...

When it's cooled I remove the meat from the bones. I then put about 2 cups of broth in zip bags for the freezer.  In one bag I put the chicken meat and with the broth I had left..

On Friday I made a super simple meal of Aidelles sausage with alfredo sauce. 

I sauteed a little onion and 1 mushroom (it was all I had and it needed to be used up).  After the onion started to soften I added a pound of sliced sausages and 1 15oz jar of alfredo sauce.  I added about a 1/2 cup of milk to the jar and shook it up to get all the sauce cleaned out of the jar and added that..

 I let it simmer a bit to blend all the flavors. 

Not only was this meal fast and easy, it was delicious! I was going to serve it over angel hair pasta, but I still had some cooked brown rice in my fridge from a previous meal. So I decided to serve it over that..

Over the weekend is where I changed things up a bit. I was busy so decided on something quick and easy. I had one package of Costco's orange chicken in the freezer and I always keep a package of potstickers handy.  So I put the orange chicken in the oven to cook, and put the potstickers in my Instant Pot (put a couple cups of water in the IP, insert a steamer basket, lay the potstickers on top, cook on "Manual" for 5 minutes, do an instant release of the pressure and they are done).

I also still had a small amount of brown rice left (2 cups maybe) and decided to do a little fried rice. I chopped up half an onion and a few mini peppers and sauteed those in a little avocado oil.  When they were soft I added my rice, a splash of water and a small handful of spinach leaves, put the lid on and let this all soften up.  Then I added 2T of soy sauce, stirred and it was done.

This meal came together very quickly and simply..


Now onto this week's plan...  

BBQ - I'm sure he'll want to do this again, so I'll put it in the plan :)

Chicken Pot Pie - I bought the pre made crusts a couple weeks ago, so I need to use them. I'll serve salad on the side.

Baked Spaghetti - Nothing fancy, just a change up from regular spaghetti and we both enjoy it. You can find my recipe for baked spaghetti HERE (scroll to the bottom of the post). 

Burrito Casserole - I found THIS recipe to try out and it looks good and simple. I plan on serving chips & salsa and a salad on the side.

If Hubby decides he doesn't want a BBQ this week then my back up plan is either hot dogs or fish sticks.  



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