Wednesday on the Homestead

Good morning! 

It's a rainy cloudy and cool morning here in the PNW. But, that's ok :) I have a hot cup of coffee sitting next to me, the fire is going and the house is cozy. Perfect homestead kind of spring day. 

This last week has been a bit crazy. My hubby's schedule at work has changed and I'm trying to get in the rhythm of the new normal. We're happy with the changes, but figure it will take a week or two to adjust and remember what day it is! Ha, ha :D 

Last week Hubs and I were out running errands. We pulled into a parking spot at Home Depot and this is what I saw..

Yep, a Jeep with eyelashes! :D I laughed and smiled and quickly snapped a picture.

On Sunday we went and helped our oldest son move. He has bought his first home and we are so proud of him. It's in a nice area and close to where he works. 

 He's been living in an apartment with a roommate so he does not have much furniture. We were able to load it all up in our van.  

The loading and unloading didn't take any time at all and we got to spend a few hours just visiting and enjoying his new place....


Today will be a day spent at home. 

My home goals for today:

~Laundry, 1 possibly 2 loads
~Sweep & mop floors
~Clean bathroom
~Run my Roomba in the living room and dining room

Dinner for tonight will be chicken pot pie. Early this morning I pulled out some frozen chicken and chicken broth. It should be fairly quick to put together

For the Love of Books!
I am SO close to finishing Around the World in 80 Days. I'm on chapter 34 of 37. I plan to finish it today. It's been a fun read.

I have not gotten back to my quilt. But with the forecast calling for several more rainy days, I think I may be back to this.

Fitness and Health
With the rain and helping my son over the weekend I didn't get out and hike. But I have been out walking when I could (between rain storms) and decided to dust off my Leslie Sanson DVD's and do some indoor walking. 

I'm hoping for enough of a break in the rain or at least light rain so I can get out and walk today. I don't mind walking shorter distances 2 or 3 times in the day. It still makes for a good workout and keeps me moving in the direction I want to go.

View from my Deck
The camera doesn't show the rain, but it's currently raining


Today's weather: High: 52  Low: 46

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. Oh Crystal you made me smile. I am not the only one who gave up and bought a roomba! I kind of felt guilty when I see the roomba working when I am sipping on a cup of tea, but now I see more and more people have one, so I don't feel so guilty!

    1. LOL 😀 Agnes.. I hadn't really thought of buying one but my daughter and son-in-law bought me one for Christmas and I LOVE it!! I think they're wonderful 😊
      Crystal 😊

  2. Loved the photo of the car eye lashes 😁 Very whimsical! That’s wonderful about your son’s home, you must be very proud of his achievement! It looks very nice, and he’ll soon acquire plenty of “stuff” lol with which to furnish it!

    1. Thanks Kari 😊.. and for sure he'll fill up the house before you know it 😉
      Crystal 😊

  3. the jeep was cute but not sure I would drive it around. Nice home you son bought.

    1. Nanasknoll, I too thought it was cute.. but I agree, not sure if I could drive it around either LOL 😁
      Crystal 😊


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