Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning! It's Friday and time for my weekly grocery haul.
This week I only had to go to Winco. I had a lot of leftovers to use up and still had a good supply of fresh veggies so I didn't need a lot.
Here is what I got from Winco..

I needed kale, lettuce mix and mushrooms for veggies. And for the fruit, oranges, bananas and a couple apples. 

I picked up half & half, sour cream, Yoshidas sauce mix, egg noodles and the generic tater tots. I like this brand the best. I was at a different Winco this week and they had them in stock. The other Winco I'll shop at on occasion had been out of stock on this brand for a couple weeks. I picked up a different brand and wasn't as happy with them. So I grabbed 3 bags and now have enough to last me for a while.

And I got some sushi. It went great as a side to the Asian Chicken Potsticker Soup I made when I got home.
The total for this trip was: $30

Now, on Monday, I was out in town and quickly ran into Winco to pick up som…

Wednesday on the Homestead

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Good morning! I hope you are having a great week so far.
We had a busy week continuing to battle more snow storms. I think things are settling down now. My hubby slid his car into a ditch right before getting to our house. He was not hurt and the car was not damaged. He walked up to the house and got the tractor and went back down and pulled the car out and drove it to the house. There have been so many accidents caused by these winter storms that I'm grateful this was nothing major.
I was wondering if the snow was going to affect our company's ability to get here. Their flight landed without problems in Seattle and the next day took the train down to see us.
We had a great visit over the weekend. We had other family and friends join us but I didn't get a lot of pictures from it all. I did get this one shot..

As I said, it was a busy but very enjoyable weekend around here.
Yesterday was home clean up and washing guest room …

Menu Monday!

Good morning! We've had a busy weekend around here. But a lot of fun. I changed my menu plan a lot due to company. But some things I kept the same. 
On Tuesday I did make my pizza dinner and it was delish..

On Wednesday I had a BBQ planned but hubby ended up not being up to it. He had a long day and wanted something simple.  So my plan B was, hot dogs. 

On Thursday I was planning to have a couple of my freezer meals. I woke up to a cold day and more snow and a pot of chili sounded so much better..

Friday we had the leftovers and on Saturday our company arrived. 
I had a Costco lasagna that I made along with french bread and a salad. Since I was having a few people over (mostly family), I decided to go ahead make a crockpot full of teriyaki meatballs.  I had purchased the frozen meatballs from Costco and put 3lbs in the crockpot and made a double batch of THIS teriyaki sauce, poured it over and let them cook on high for about 3 or 4 hours.  I also made rice in my Instant Pot to go along…

Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning from the snowy Pacific Northwest! Between storms we managed to get out of here and restock groceries, so that's a good thing.
The first stop was Winco...

They had tortilla chips on sale and even though I didn't need any I could not pass up .98 cents a bag for something I know will be consumed. I also picked up bagels, cookies and Jasmine brown rice in the bulk section.
There were the regular fruits and vieggies to be purchased...

And I restocked on milk, half & half, non dairy creamer, tater totos, eggs and pepperoni...

My total for Winco was: $47

Next stop was Costco..

Coffee, french bread, Pub Mix, salsa, tortillas and mixed nuts.

The mixed nuts were on sale for $15.99 and are normally around $17 something. I bought 2 of them..

I had quite a few non food items such as cat food, laundry detergent, and some amazingly soft and comfy leggings. 

I can highly recommend the Costco Felina brand leggings if you are a leggings wearer. I purchased a 2 pack on sale for $11.9…

Wednesday on the Homestead (formally known as Wednesday Snap Shot)

I'm feeling ready for a change on my weekly Wednesday post. A new picture and a new name, but that's all that is changing. I loved the cozy feel of this picture that my daughter sent me and knew it would be a great change for my Wednesday posts. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and come visit.
Now onto my week. So we've been sailing through winter nice and easy. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! We seem to have gotten an entire winter in a week!
We got the one big storm that dumped a lot of snow on us. You can see my picnic table (and a few more pictures) on my deck to get an idea of how much snow we got..

Hubby was at work when it really started coming down. He decided to leave early so he could make it home safely. The trip is usually about 40 to 45 minutes. It took him nearly 2 hours to get home. He said it was white out conditions at times because so much snow was falling and he was thankful he knew the roads as well as he does (he's been driving the same route for …

Menu Monday!

Good morning friends! I hope your week is getting off to a good start.
I'm going to work harder at remembering to take a pic of completed meals during the week and hopefully have them to show you and share how they turned out. This may be a work in progress for me, so be patient ;) This week I have two to share. 
On Friday's grocery haul I shared the sauerkraut I purchased at Costco. This was fresh, raw, organic, full of probiotics, and all that good stuff type. We tried it with our sausages for dinner and let me tell you... It was delicious!! If you like sauerkraut I can highly recommend this stuff. 

Talk about a yummy meal. I pan fried the sausages and had the macaroni left from another night. I dressed it up a bit (which I'll share more about on Wednesday) and served it with salad made up from my Salad Mix.
Yesterday I made the pork steaks (I prefer the steaks over the chops but the same process could be used with chops as well), gravy and rice from last weeks menu.…

Grocery Haul for Two

Good morning! It's time for this weeks grocery haul. I went to both Winco and Costco for my shopping this week.
First stop was Winco: 
There was a lot of the regular weekly items plus a few things for my pantry. I picked up the weekly fruits and veggies. I got my milk, half & half, a package of cream cheese, a bag of store brand tater tots and the cubed type hash browns, a dozen eggs and a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage. I had run out of frozen corn and I like to always have it on hand. It's great to add to soups and chowders or bean dishes so I try and regularly keep it in my freezer.
I also restocked my pantry with some diced tomatoes and diced tomatoes with green chilies (the generic version of Rotel tomatoes for half the cost). Plus ketchup and green beans. I picked up a jar of sauerkraut for a meal I was planning and then found fresh sauerkraut at Costco and bought that as well. This jar can sit on my shelf and I'll use it in the future for another meal.
As I was …